Monday, April 6, 2009

One Less Trip to Cleveland

April 15th appointment to be covered by Phone

Yeah! Score one for me! Lilly the study coordinator checked with the study sponsors and I don't have to travel to Cleveland next week. I am so glad I didn't make plane reservations ahead of time this time.

Lilly said she will give me a call next week and ask some questions, and then review my headache log online. I sure hope I pass! The last few days have been lousy. I am missing work today and have taken a combo of trammadol, benedryl and phenergan so I hopefully can avoid going to the ER.

I setup an appointment with my PCP to get a shot of toradol this Thursday. I hope to hold out until then, because that is my cheapest avenue. I'm on such a tight budget this year since this is year two of only being able to work part time. The Belly does not like the toradol and I think The Headache is not responding to it very well, but I want to give it one more try.....

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