Monday, April 27, 2009

Stavros Flatley Made Me Laugh

A Great Day Today

After seeing Susan Boyle's performance I have gotten hooked on Britain's Got Talent. I have found my new favorite man, Stavros Flately, and watched him perform his magic on stage. I haven't laughed so much in weeks, and won't be able to see Michael Flately the Lord of the Dance in the same light again. Stavros' young understudy deserves kudos also!

I was able to work a nine hour day today. Yeah!!! However, The Headache is letting me know that it is displeased this evening.

The Belly is behaving better. I think I have figured out that the recent Belly uprising is from the last toradol injection I had. No more toradol for me. The last few times I had injections the toradol didn't seem to help much anyhoo.

I get the trial occipital stimulator installed on May 6th at the Cleveland Clinic, and then go home and return to Cleveland in a week and have the stimulator de-installed on May 13th. I sure hope it helps The Headache pain because I have definitely run out of non-opiate options. I can't wash my hair for that week, so I will be going to work with bad hair days! I told them all I was going to wear a hat so I could then say I had Hat Hair.

Work has been so nice about all the time off I've been forced to take. I'm poor because I can't earn enough money because my old body won't let me and I have exhausted my time off, but rich because I work with a fantastic crew with great bosses. I don't even have to work by the break room anymore (I confess that with The Headache and The Belly both acting up I don't know if I could have taken break room cooking odors very well without medicating for nausea.) I have even adjusted to the extreme light situation in my area by hanging some artwork on the walls - it seems to deflect the harsh reflection from the white walls! AND I have a door to close if I need to screen out noise or odors. C'est Magnifique!

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