Thursday, April 9, 2009

Early Morning in Missouri

The Rain Crow Calls

In our family we call the mourning dove the rain crow. It was sighing its plaintive woo hoo hoo hoo this morning. We'll see if it is calling in any rain! Or just looking for a mate.

Because there are heavily wooded areas around my home, we have a diverse lot of backyard birds. Every year we get one or two that are outside of their general range of habitat. Deer come up and munch on my garden, and squirrels and moles are the bane of my dachsund Augie's life. Rabbits and lately armadillos are garden munchers too! I actively relocate the armadillos to the local creek - they aren't very hard to catch in a garbage can. Pretty soon the annual turtle migration will begin, and I'm sure we will get a couple of box turtles trundelling through.

It's a good day today. Now if The Headache will play along!!!

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