Saturday, January 29, 2011

Priestess of The Potty

Incessant Incontinence

Day 3 of going back on the neurontin has the digestive side effects taking front and center, or is that to the rear and at the bottom???  Wasn't able to get to work because I couldn't get away from the toilet long enough to go.  I have a 45 minute commute with a couple of opportunities to pull off the road and find a bathroom, otherwise it is hop out by the side of the road time.  Unfortunately with already having diarrhea from the radiation treatment in 2004 when I crank up the motility making food move even faster through the digestive system I become a one woman poop machine. 

I can't hold anything back because the radiation has ruined my pucker power so I had to make many clothing changes today because I didn't get to the bathroom in time.  I am trying to keep the liquids going but have to balance that with increased output - I get to where the more liquids I take in the faster I dehydrate.

Thinking with envy of getting a big diaper butt from disposable incontinence britches, but got to thinking - what kind of huge-mongrously large diaper pail would you have to have??  That would take even more room in the luggage if I traveled for work than my extra large bag of meds. I might try these though because they do wick moisture away from the skin. I have to watch it because the skin starts to degrade after a while if you don't keep everything clean and dry, just like a baby behind.

The Legs are a jiggling this evening, so most of my neurontin power has gone into my gut and seems to be ignoring The Legs.  They don't seem to like that.  I may have to take a pain pill tonight, since it is three am and all is still in turmoil.  One advantage of pain medication is that it sloooooooows down the digestive system which for me is a welcome side effect.  The eyes have behaved today.

My next door neighbor has been measuring, marking, and getting ready to fence the private lane.  I don't think the Amish know (or maybe don't care) that my neighbor grew up here, is related to almost everyone and knows everyone else, is a reserve police officer, and his wife has worked at the hospital on the hill for about 30 years so she knows everyone too.  I watched (in between bouts with the bathroom) pickup after pickup stop and visit with my neighbor as he supervised the marking of the underground gas lines, phone lines, and power lines before getting ready to dig.  I am sure word is out about the fight over the semi traffic.  I have noticed a slight decrease in vehicle traffic going to the Amish property but that could just be a non-related lull.  In small town America this type of thing is like throwing a pebble in a pond - you don't know where the ripples will end up but you sure know something was dropped in.

Going to bed. Hoping for a better tomorrow.  Will have fun watching my neighbor get to tell the story of the fence and the gate over and over again as traffic continues to stop to visit.  Hope you all have a great weekend!

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