Sunday, January 2, 2011

Neurontin Day 4

Finally Slept!

Less side effects (other than digestive issues and the wonky eyes) last night from the neurontin. I think my nerves in The Legs are on to me.  They have decided to send my legs into massive muscle cramps during the night, and also my feet.  I didn't realize your feet could curl downward and backward like that. It doesn't seem anatomically possible unless you are a professional contortionist with the circus but I have found out differently.  OUCH!

My friend on the trach got a new speaking valve yesterday and we were all overjoyed.  It is a very tiring way to speak but it is so empowering!  Hopefully this will help her with some of the anxiety and fear.  Think of yourself if you were in the same situation - you are dependent on others for EVERYTHING.  You don't even have the strength to lift your arms AND you can't speak.  What if something goes wrong when no one is in the room?  Scary.  Today I will go in this afternoon, but next week I will go in after work.  It is hard on me because of The Legs and The Headache and The Belly, but I tell myself "BUCK UP!"  thinking how hard it is on my friend when she feels too anxious and afraid.  But why oh why do hospitals (and I have worked in a lot of them) always have where I want to go way way way down at the end of several loooooooong corridors???  sigh.

The Headache is grumpy this morning, probably because of the neurontin and the fact that I benedrylled up last night so the hives wouldn't gang up and I could go to sleep.  It could also be that its just 3-4 days since it last decided to interfere in my life.  My fingers are tingling - maybe the neurontin is deciding to work on them - I have a touch of carpel tunnel in each wrist so maybe the meds are attacking that after working on the legs.  One big advantage so far - my feet feel warm.  Yeah!!! 

I can't be satisfied but I have to gripe - neurontin has decreased a lot of the minor pain but that just seems to have magnified the major pain.  What's up with that??  Can't my brain be happy to just have less pain?  I think my pain receptors are masochists.

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