Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Emesis Center Is On Overload

Seasick to the Max

Not a good day today for me.  I seemed to not be able to wake up today and slept until about 5:00 in the afternoon.  I think my body needed that, but now I have the erps.  Living in upchuck city this evening. 

Moving my head makes the nausea worse.  Moving my eyes makes the nausea worse.  Closing my eyes makes the nausea worse.  Swallowing anything makes the nausea worse.  Uck.

Not sure if the kidney stone is causing this problem, the UTI or UTI antibiotics is causing this problem, too much dietary fat causing this problem, or medication (especially pain killers) causing this problem.  I am out of phenergan pills.  I have suppositories I could use and I guess I could use one of my IM vials, but I hate to sacrifice one of those before my trip next week.  I am having a bit of right flank pain, so thinking kidney stone #2 is on the march...sigh.

Thinking if this is still going on in the AM I will go to my PCP and get an IM injection there of phenergan.  I am already slightly dehydrated and it won't take long this evening to make me really dehydrated.  I am extremely dizzy and terribly fatigued STILL after all the sleep I had today.

I feel like a bobble head tonight - going to go soak my big old bobble head and see if I feel any better.  Bleh.


  1. Oh gosh, that's a lot to be dealing with!! I hope you wake up in the a.m. feeling much better, and if not, that your doctor is able to help you out.

    If intense vertigo is causing the nausea, it might be worth a trip to a good ENT, if you haven't already done that. Sometimes there's in-office treatments they can do that help adjust the inner ear. Of course, they only work if that's the cause of the problem ... :-/

    I know where you're at is no fun at all, on multiple fronts, so I hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. Aviva: Haven't thought of ear problems - there's a new possiblity that's treatable!!! Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Winny I had to comment here. What you shared on my blog tonight was great. You have a way with words. I thought the same thing. Here iss PPP telling me how they ARE NOT aggressive and being very belligerent about it. Duh.

    Hope you are doing ok tonight.

  4. JBR: Duh indeed. The best part of the story was her looking up the word in the dictionary. I'm thinking she may have a problem with reading comprehension!!! :)

    OK tonight, just more sleeplessness. sigh. Maybe I will look insomnia up in the dictionary and decide it doesn't apply to me!!! :) Hang in there!