Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kidney Rocks

Passing Stones = Wishing You Passed Out

I know today what I did not know yesterday:  My terrible stomach (and I thought pancreas) spasms were due to a kidney stone making its escape from my left kidney.  This explains why two syringe fulls of fentanyl  at the ER yesterday morning didn't seem to do anything much for my why my blood pressure was at 162/110!

I last passed kidney stones about a year and a half ago - there were three of them.  I know from the CT scan I had yesterday that I have a kidney stone in my right kidney.  Since I got rid of all my stones in 2009 this must be a new stone.  I suspicion that my left kidney HAD a stone, probably a small or sandy stone, that was not detectable by CT scan.

Besides the "colicky" pain, the clue I had today was (its icky) lots of blood in my urine.  I was prescribed an antibiotic yesterday by the ER doc.  I was offered prescriptions for heavy duty pain killers, but I already have plenty of those on hand.  I was angry at my body so just went to work after getting out of the ER and toughed out the pain.  This was not easy to do, as the pain was god awfully godawful.  Today I am still in pain but it goes in spells.  I fear that the stone in my right kidney will decide to take a sled ride down to my bladder too. 

The Headache is not happy tonight.  The pain is very bad.  I think my pain cup is way overfull.  I am hiving everywhere and itchy.  I am not sure if the hives are from the kidney stone pain (yes I sometimes hive if I am in tons of pain!) or the neurontin or the antibiotic. Itchy Itchy Itchy!  I have taken benedryl so maybe it will get better soon.

Neurontin Day 6 & 7

Yesterday was Day 6 of taking neurontin and today is Day 7.  I am dizzy and have a hard time setting still since taking tonight's dose.  The diarrhea (a second icky thing) is much worse.  I still have fairly significant leg and pelvic pain, but it has faded in comparison to the kidney stone pain!!!  Guess that's a plus for the kidney stone.

This maybe TMI for most of you but I have a compromised anal sphincter from fibrotic changes from radiation.  I already have chronic diarrhea and quick motility for the same reason.  So neurontin seems to have increased both the number of stools and how quickly I have to hit the bathroom.  Yesterday I had two "accidents" and I am up to four tonight.  I simply cannot hold back the stool before I can get to the bathroom.  And today I have had zero, nada, zilch to eat - just liquids because of the abdominal pain - so right now it seems to be - urge, get up walk three steps, uh oh bad news, try to get to the bathroom to clean up.  I have adult diapers or as one of my friends insists - disposable briefs - and may need to break these out if this keeps up. Incontinence pads are just not sufficient.  I generally regulate this by going to the bathroom on a schedule but neurontin just doesn't care!!!  :(

I see Dr. Kildare tomorrow, so I guess I will see what he has to say.  [Keep an open mind Winny!]  It's going to be another long night!  One of these nights I will have a regular night's sleep.


  1. Hopefully Dr. Kildare will have some news for you dear Winny. Hope you were able to sleep some what. Blessings and hugs.

  2. Hugs. Not much else I can say this time around

  3. JBR: I did get about an hour's sleep last night, so I am happy for that!!! Today should be better....Thanks for the hugs!

    Kristin: Thanks for the hugs. I think I am ready for 2012 now, thanks so much 2011 - buh bye. I'm afraid its going to be a long year for me! :)

  4. Oh I sure hope this year gets better for you dear winny. hugs

  5. Migrainista - thanks for the hugs. I hope this year gets better for all of us!!! Why does something you can't even see - ends up like sand - hurt so much??? I think I need my innards expanded....step up to the next bigger model....

  6. Oh my. So sorry that you're starting the year this way. How awful!

    Neurontin falls under the same "umbrella" category of drugs as Topamax, which I tried very briefly. I seem to remember that one of the side effects I was supposed to watch for was kidney stones. Apparently the medication can lead to a build up of crystals in your urine which in turn become stones.

    Worth checking it out with Dr. K?????

  7. Sue: Thanks so MUCH for the info. I will check it out with Dr. K if my visit today is a productive one. Otherwise I see my regular doc tomorrow!

  8. I'm sending you good thoughts.

    And funny/cute animal videos! Though, my sound was muted when I watched these, so be wary.

  9. Steph- thanks for the good thoughts! I can feel them all the way in Missouri!!!

    Thanks for the links - I will distract myself with them tonight as I will probably not sleep again!!! My sound is always on mute or turned down. I am pretty sound sensitive myself.

  10. Parsley Tea: a Russian folk remedy for kidney stones. When my parents were stationed in Moscow in 1965 my mom got a godawful kidney stone. Their Russian maid brewed up a huge batch of parsley tea, which apparently has the effect of softening the stone and enabling the bod to get rid of it.
    A couple of gallons of PT later, it worked.

  11. Jon: Thanks for the tip on parsley tea - I may try it since I started passing kidney stone #2 yesterday!!!

  12. You are not falling apart, you are merely settling in...

    Ken D Berry MD

  13. Ken: wish I knew what I was settling into, cause lately it feels like quicksand!!! Will check out your link,,,,