Sunday, January 23, 2011

Down for The count

Up and Ready for Round Two

Caught the flu either on the flight to Michigan or at my uncle's funeral.  Have had a week that is just sorta hazy right now.  Respiratory virus I am sure.  My sister who had this a few weeks ago was told it was a cold, not a flu, so the flu shot doesn't cover it.  Bummer.

I hate that I was stuck traveling, spewing virus everywhere I went.  I would have been sick at home or at work, so the sick part doesn't matter, but I hate possibly exposing people to this.  I ran high fevers Friday night after getting home, and all day Saturday, so sick I didn't want to move.  Today I am still very sick, but the fever is down some and I can breathe a little better.  I sincerely hope I have not given this to anyone else.  I tried to be SO careful, kept cleaning my hands with sanitizer, covering my mouth but I must have been a large bag of escaping viruses on Friday coming back on the plane.  Just hoping the lower respiratory part doesn't get worse that is where it seems to be stuck now.  Plenty dehydrated, trying to stock up on fluids having a hard time getting them down.

Had some unnecessary drama I won't go into here when I got home from the funeral.  That on top of traveling, on top of being sick, on top of being on my feet, on top of not being able to breathe, on top of having to drive drive drive makes me feel like I have been run over by a steamroller.  The IM phenergan did keep me from throwing up all through the central United States on a plane, but giving yourself those shots sure hurts!  I am getting tired of being everyone's solution to every crisis, but maybe that's because I'm SO DARNED SICK!  I guess I'm just whiney today. sigh.

At least I am at the spot in the cartoon where (after being run over by the steamroller) you come out pressed flat and pop back to three dimensions!!!  Woo Hoo!


  1. Oh boy... Hope you're on the tail end. I can sit up without coughing my brains out constantly today. There was about 8 hours I was completely helpless. I see how flu can kill us that are getting a little long in the tooth... Praying for healing for you.

  2. I was there Saturday, so sick I can only remember getting up a couple of times. Better today. Someone told me expect to feel nasty for two WEEKS.

    Hoping you are better and stay better too Angie, especially in such cold weather where travel can be a bit tricky!!!

  3. Oh Winny, I am so sorry you are sick with a bad bug now too. Oh my, I just do not know how you do it. When I feel so bad, I think of you, and know I am no where as bad as you are. God bless you Winny. I pray that you will feel better soon. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am to see a rhemnatologist the 8th of Feb, as my sed rate is high and has been for a while and has gone up instead of down.

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  4. Debbie Jean: I don't think either one of us have good luck with health. Hoping and praying that your rising sed rate is just a blip on the screen! If it isn't, hoping there is a way to get the inflammation under control.

    Sitting up tonight, can't breathe if I go to bed, maybe I'll nap in the recliner! This is a devilish flu bug/cold.

  5. What else can you contract. You poor dear! I am so very sorry. You are so considerate of the other person as well. Feel better soon!! ((((Winny))))

  6. JBR: I'm not going to tempt fate and guess!!! A little better today, still running a fever. Guess I won't go to work and share again. sigh

  7. oh Winny! I'm so sorry you have the flu. I hope you are going to be getting much better each day. Hugs!

  8. Migrainista: Hoping no one gets the flu from me. I especially won't risk going to work even a little bit communicable since one of the guys at work has a disabled son at home, I would feel terrible terrible if I dragged something in the office that made him sick or his guy at home sick.

    Still running a fever this evening, starting to think I'm not going to be able to wear this out!