Saturday, January 8, 2011

My PCP and Injectable Phenergan

A New Puppy and A New Plan

Saw my PCP Thursday morning.  I had only slept about 30 minutes that night and was very nauseous.  I hadn't eaten a meal in at least four days, mostly intake of fluids had kept me going.  I had probably only had a few hours sleep for most of the week.  He agreed that I had probably passed a kidney stone, and that I was now somewhat dehydrated.  My digestive issues, now exacerbated by the neurontin, are part of the problem with managing dehydration.  The more fluids I drink, the more fluid is put out by my bowels - bypassing the kidneys - and the faster I dehydrate.  IV fluids will actually stay in my tissue longer than drinking fluids, even the ones like Gatorade that contain salts and electrolytes.

He ordered 25 mg of IM (intramuscular) phenergan to help manage the nausea because I was at the point I couldn't keep anything down, and I have issues with suppositories becuase of the radiation damage. Sigh.  I also expressed my concern at my next trip to Michigan in a couple of weeks.  Bless his heart, he put a standing order for IM phenergan at his office so all I have to do is call and go get a shot.  He also got me two vials of phenergan and the filter needles, needles and syringes to use before my flights.  His nurse, who is a sweetheart, told me the proper way to break off the top of the glass vials, and where to inject.  Now as long as it doesn't delay me too much with the TSA agents...sigh again!

I also finally have decided to face reality and asked for the paperwork for handicapped license plates.  The airport I will have to go to has a parking lot that is ALL uphill, and I just couldn't bear dragging luggage across it again.  My PCP marked my application as "permanently disabled".  Not sure why, but I was expecting him just to do it for a temporary basis, as in "180 days". 

I have a new member of my family, a little chihuahua mix puppy named Emmett or Emmitt - have trouble reading the handwriting on his paperwork, so not sure of the spelling - I'm sure he doesn't care! 

Recently in my area an animal shelter burned.  This shelter accepted about 50% of the animals from the local humane society.  The animals at the humane society had to be reapportioned through all the other shelters, plus a new state law had dog breeders dumping excess puppies and older breeding stock to shelters so everyone was a bit overcrowded.  I decided to look for a small dog that would fit in with my dachshund.  A lady I know from a discussion group and facebook has rescued several chihuahuas that were sooo cute! There seemed to be a lot of chihuahuas at the local shelters so I found one that fits with my family and with me.  He is supposed to be yorkie and chihuahua mixed but he looks all chihuahua to me!

I know from experience that I will focus less on myself and my misfortunes if I have a "project" to focus on instead.  Although Emmett is only two months old and weighs a tiny bit over a pound, getting him potty trained and obedience trained will be something I can work on outside of my problems.  He is very calm and well socialized and seems to be very sweet natured and my mother loves him.  Augie my dachshund has already offered him one of his treats which is a great sacrifice for Augie!

The neurontin side effects seem to have stabilized by now (day 10) to be mainly digestive with some dizziness.  I don't think now they are going to morph into any different side effects as Dr. Kildare and my PCP both say I won't be able to tolerate a higher dose.  Rats!  The pain relief  is far from complete and my PCP wants me to start taking Dilaudid with the neurontin at night.  I haven't yet, but may tomorrow night if the pain does not get better tonight.

I called Dr. House's office (the neuromuscular specialist) to make sure Dr. Kildare's staff had sent the medical records to them, and to verify that they accepted my insurance.  Pluses on both counts, but the negative is they have not made an appointment for me, and they are currently booking appointments in the March to April range.  Big Sigh...

Emmett is squeaking, his way of protesting - not much of a barker, mostly a squeaky boy.  A little bit whiney - just like me!  I guess I'll go tend to his puppy needs (which mostly seem to be hold me, cuddle me, pet me) and rock him to sleep.  Kidney stone #2 is on the move - I may try some parsley tea a reader suggested to see if I can get it to move along!!!


  1. Well, with all the drugs that haven't been working so well, I'm glad the phenergan does! It's one that never does much for me but I'm so, so glad it works for you!
    Glad Emmett is a little guy that you can handle. Our mutt Flynn is around 30 pounds. Last week when she couldn't do steps that made it interesting since I still can't lift over 10. She's doing well now though. Emmett is adorable. Just what a sane doctor would order!

  2. Kristin: Zofran works sometimes but not always and if I take too much it makes me throw up! Phenergan works well if I don't try to swallow it! The IM injection put me out for about 5 hours.

    Dr. Kildare should have said, "You look angry? Do you have an adorably cute puppy at home?"

    Glad Flynn is feeling a tad bit better! My Pepper weighed between 80 and 100 lbs when he went down. Took two of us with a blanket carry to move him.

  3. Wow, so glad something is working in your favor Winny!

    Do you remember the old Medical Center and Marcus Welby MD?

    Blessings to you dear one.

  4. JBR: Or how about EMERGENCY?? If I only could have some D5W or Ringers Lactate STAT I would surely be OK!!!

  5. Congrats on the new family member!

  6. Migrainista: Emmett now has the nickname of Mr. Squeaky. Thanks!

  7. He's so adorable!! We have a chihuahua in our pack and he's such a sweetheart. He's permanently attached to the youngest teen in the house (probably because they smell a lot alike) and he growls whenever anyone gets near "his" boy. Glad you could give him a home!

    I hope you're able to sleep a little more than 30 minutes tonight!

  8. Heather: He certainly is a cutey - finding a lot of chihuahua fanciers out there! He isuite the snuggler.

    Ah, illusive sleep! It's been helped a bit by the use of painkillers!

  9. Oh yeah Randolph Mantooth. Always loved that name!

  10. JBR: What a cutey pie he was! Probably old and grey haired like me. sigh. Happy memories.

  11. A PUPPY!!!! :) Good move; nothing like a new puppy to provide healing, even if it's mostly emotional. I've been begging my husband to let me get one, but he's not as enthusiastic about pets as I am. We did get to dog-sit my sister's dog last weekend, so that was a big step for us. Enjoy little Emmett/Mr. Squeaky!