Friday, January 28, 2011

Daylight Eye Trouble

Scary Scotoma

Woke up this morning feeling mighty fuzzyheaded.  Sure now it is the neurontin that I have started up again.  Trying to get ready for work this morning I experienced almost an hour of a visual scotoma that took up my entire peripheral vision fields, leaving the middle part clear until the very end.  It was like a fluctuating curtain surrounding my central vision.  I was not able to really see what I was doing so I just sat in the bathroom where I was showering until I was able to see again.

I was very confused afterward so I sat around for about an hour or so to see if the confusion would clear and it did not.  I may be having a worsening of The Headache and just not feeling pain as my left eye was not wanting to behave either.  I gave up around noon and called in and told work I would not be able to make it.  I am so tired and done in I just want to give  up entirely but I will recuperate this evening, brush myself off, and try again tomorrow.

I never had a visual scotoma in my life until I took Topamax.  I was very droopy and tippy on Topamax and I started experiencing scintillating scotomas.  They disappeared after stopping Topamax, and I associated these with the intense eye pain that Topamax induced as a nondesirable side effect. I now occassionally have an episode of scintillating or non-scintillating visual scotomas, so not sure if Topamax made a permanent change somewhere in my hardwiring or if The Headache just likes to mess with my vision to throw me off stride.  I don't seem to have an increase in The Headache pain when I have these - I probably should check my blood pressure the next time (if there is a next time) this happens although I doubt if there is any physical reason for these other than The Headache.

I slept most of the day today.  At least I remember what I did today!!  Yeah!!  I'm ready for my brain to reboot and start functioning in neurontin mode again.  The Belly is not happy tonight, but I'm happy because The Legs are still - no dancing in pain for me this evening!!  Yeah again!!!

I have an appointment with Dr. House at the Washington University Neuromuscular Clinic on April 7th at nine AM concerning The Legs.  This is in St. Louis, a good four hour drive away, so I guess I will go up the evening before and stay at a hotel.  The Great Big Corporation I worked for had a base of operations in St. Louis a few blocks further downtown so I am very comfortable finding a hotel nearby.  I used to go there on a regular basis when I was a project manager for them.  I could fly in and back but flights to St. Louis from Springfield Missouri are terribly expensive - I guess because business customers will pay whatever the rate may be if there is a need for the flight.  I think this will be another dead end for me concerning The Legs but I promised myself last fall I will be persistant in trying to find a solution to The Legs.  Washington University has a world class neurology department so hopefully if there is anything to be done Dr. House will find it.

I go to see my PCP next Monday for a followup on the neurontin, and to see how I am doing otherwise.  I am glad he is a great advocate for me with other doctors.  He tries different approaches if one is not working, something I have not had good success with convincing specialists to do.  Just wish I didn't have to see him as often as I do.  There was a day (pre cancer) when I only went to the doctor a couple of times a year to have my synthyroid dose checked.  Now I go to the doctor way way way too often in my estimation.  Too many systems not working right.  Big sigh.


  1. Winny sorry for your fuzzy head. Glad you go see your PCP with a follow up. Thank you for your prayers.

  2. JBR: Hoping your fever and sore throat are better! My head is still fuzzy this morning. Sigh.

  3. I feel like I live at the drs!

  4. Jessica: Me too!!! When all the staff knows you by your first name and your birthdate without glancing at your chart you have been there too many times! :)