Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hospitalized (AGAIN)

The Belly Revolts

Last Tuesday went to urgent care on my lunch hour because I felt really really bad.  Much pain in the midriff, was hoping it was maybe a kidney stone.  You know your life sucks when having a kidney stone is a GOOD thing!

Unfortunately it was my pancreas, with my lipase levels in the thousands so off to the hospital I go.  Luckily our client had delayed their install for this week, so I don't feel quite so bad about being sick.  Everytime I think I can just work work work like a normal person, something happens.  Big BIG sigh.

It is now Sunday July 4th - my favorite holiday of the year - and I'm stuck at the hospital, having snuck off my floor to use their very bad public kiosks to try to post something.  Can't upload or download a picture so I will illustrate later.

No food, lots of erping, lots of pain meds, a couple of nice neighbors in my room but I'm bumming.  Life could be worse.  No bad news about the pancreas, no reason for the lipase elevation, the lipase doesn't seem to want to lower very fast (my average stay for this is three days and its been six already and just hoping I get out tomorrow).  I'm blaming my trip to Cleveland as I did get a little dehydrated and they had to install a picc line instead of a standard IV because I was too dehydrated.

I did have two little cans of tomato juice today so WOW!!!  I think I'm headed down the road to recovery!  I'm going to pull up my bootstraps (or little grippy socky straps) put on my happy face, pray The Headache doesn't act up (The Legs already are) and go view the horizon this evening to see what big fireworks go off around the big city of Springfield.

Hoping all you US citizens have save and fun Fourth celebrations tonight, and if you get it a great day off tomorrow.  Eat something grilled for me!!


  1. Gentle hugs, and I hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. I'm so sorry you are in the hospital! Six days is a long time. Hope you get to go home today!

  3. Oh my my my Winny! Man, I hope you get out soon. I am so very sorry for your excrusating pain that brought you to the hospital. Hoping the meds kick in and stay in.

    I will have a grilled cheese sandwich for ya. ((((Winny))))

  4. First of all, {{{Winny}}}. I hope you are home by now and are having more than tomato juice. With any luck, this hospital stay will rejuvenate you to new. Hopefully you were able to enjoy your favorite holiday from the hospital. You deserve it.

  5. Got out today Tuesday -so sorry I've been late reading your comments. Rather drugged and slow today.

    Jasmine had a comment and it seems to have disappeared, but I am on drugs so maybe I disrupted it to somewhere else - sorry Jasmine!

    I saw some spectacular fireworks out my 7th floor window, so maybe I will plan another stay next year for a birds eye view. NOT!

  6. Ooopppps NOW Jasmine's comment appears. Did I mention I'm on rather strong drugs?? :)