Saturday, July 17, 2010

Showers of Saltines

At Last Something To Eat!

Woo Hoo!  All is looking up in my dreary world of nothing by mouth except ice chips and medication.  I have graduated to real fluids and SALTINE CRACKERS!!!  No Fat Saltines at least bring a bit of salt and flavor to the feast.  Had a little lemonade with ice chips too!

I stayed home almost all this week.  I need to be at work, but finally realized after the ER doc giving me a talking to that if I didn't rest my body I was going to end up back in the hospital.  I would do almost anything to avoid that!  Not sure if anyone has been hospitalized for pancreatitis out there in blog reader land but it is a combination of the most boring experience I have ever had and the least rest I have ever had.  You basically get the worst food in the world when you can finally eat because you always start with a liquid diet, and you are sick enough and drugged enough it is difficult to concentrate or read.  They did issue me some ear plugs to use so at least I could sleep a little bit,  because the noise and turmoil get to me.

I called today and cancelled my trip next week to Cleveland to finish the study.  My study coordinator (who is the sweetest lady in the world) said she would see if I have to reschedule or if I could return the diary through the mail.  The study sponsors have to OK it.  I told her I just couldn't face traveling so soon.

I am having trouble staying awake.  This is getting especially dangerous for driving - another reason to stay off work this week.  I have been having to pull off three or four times in a 45 minute commute to sleep five or ten minutes before I can drive onwards.  Very unusual for me - it was happening at longer distances where I had to drive over an hour, but now I can't seem to be able to drive more than short distances before I have to sleep.  This is without any pain medication in me, not sure how bad it would be if I tried it with pain meds.

Going to bed now, and hopefully sleep in again tomorrow.  I have been able to go all day today without any pain medication and still eat a tiny bit.  Am ready to dig in and get going at work next week!


  1. Oh I bet you are so happy to start eating food again. I can't even imagine. I hope that you are able to get some good rest and that tomorrow is better than today.

  2. I'm glad you are able to start eating something. I'm sure saltines never tasted so good! I hope the study will allow you to mail back the diary instead of having to travel. Good luck with work this week if you make it in and please be careful when driving. It's very difficult when you need to do something but find it very hard to stay awake. Stay safe.

  3. Thanks M & MP! I try to always be safe driving, bug this fatigue suprises me - I don't know it is going to hit until it does, but I hope that just resting this week has helped. I don't want to be a donger to other drivers either.

    Today I had some ice tea! Feels like I'm drinking champagne!

    Hope you both have pain free and happy weekends!

  4. Dear one this is good news. I do hope you can remain eating well. Enjoy that ice tea dear. Blessings.

  5. Thanks JBR! Nothing more refreshing on a hot day than Ice Tea!

  6. Glad to hear you can eat, but I"m so sorry that you still feel so bad and can't get to Cleveland.

  7. Thanks Sue - saltines are like filet mignon when you haven't eaten much!

    Cleveland will still be there when I'm better! Hoping you are doing well.