Sunday, July 11, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you Shalunya

I was nominated (along with several others) for The Versatile Blogger award by Gypsy Shalunya last week.  She was very sweet, and said I do a great job expressing myself.  I am sure (due to my tendancy to add comments to other peoples blogs - sometimes when I'm half batty on medication) that there are a few that wish I was a little less obsessive about expressing myself!

There are rules to getting and accepting this award, so I waited a few days for the required reposting for gaining this honor.  I wanted to do it justice utilizing a sounder mind than usual!

Rule #1:  Thank the person/blogger giving you this award.

Thank you, Renee, my brave Gypsy traveling blog friend.  You are always kind and thoughtful while fighting the effects of having a congenital brain defect called Arnold Chiari Malformation.  The name alone is enough weight to carry around without the life changing issues that the problem causes, along with the "cure" that isn't really a "cure" for all the problems it creates.  Hoping you are feeling better with Hubby in Korea!

Rule #2:  Share seven Things about yourself

1.  I love to take tests.  I am good at taking tests because they are a bit like a puzzle and a bit like trivia.  For this reason, I love school - mostly the test taking part.  One of my true God-given talents that unfortunately is not very useful in the real world.
2. I believe some people go to college to get an education, and some people go to college to get a degree; a few people (if they are lucky) get both.
3.  I am extremely bull-headed and unfortunately extremely logical.  I struggled with faith for years because #1 you must be willing to believe the unprovable unconditionally and #2 you must accept the fact that your own willfullness can be a hindrance to #1. I try to practice my faith every day in every action.  Some days are better than others!
4.  I am not an intuitive person, so I work hard on trying to simulate intuitiveness.  Sometimes I am not very successful.  My sister is very intuitive and artistic and I have envied her that talent all my life.
5.  I have a strange sense of humor and when I laugh I actually cackle.   My voice is loud, annoying, piercing partly because I have partial hearing loss.  I can do something about loud, something about piercing, but the annoying part is beyond my ability to change.  Sorry Migraineurs, you would probably want ear plugs around me.
6.  I grew up on a real farm in the Midwest.  Not a hobby farm by any means.  I think it was located at the end of the universe because we didn't have very many neighbors.
7.  When my health was better and I had more money I LOVED going to auctions.  The excitement of the hunt rather than the nabbing of the prey was the attraction.  I have substituted this with going thrift store shopping for the adventure of the unknown.

Rule #3:  Nominate 15 other Blogs for this award and let them know.

This is a hard one, because some of my fellow bloggers have beat me to the gun on a few of my favorites.  I will do as many as I can think of.  Some are in my blog roll at the left, and some not!

1.  Fred Walsh Photos Fred takes the most marvelous wildlife photographs, absolutely stunning!
2. El Conde Sydney  The Gypsy Voice of the Universe!  Can I say more?
3. Rudy's Beat The most endearing family and the cutest kid in the universe bravely facing medical challenges.
4. Jann the Overcomer Jann is working tirelessly to cure breast cancer that had returned with the help of NIH and NCI.  I try to send good thoughts, prayers, and vibes her way and bad ones towards her cancer.  One strong lady!
5. Dachshund Strong Ness is the mother of a daughter with intercranial hypertension, and has a son in the service, and both she and her husband struggle with health issues.  She is always in my prayers, loves dachshunds, and is a thrift shopping buddy!
6. God Whispers in the Wind A spot where my friend JBR posts inspirational religious readings.  I always find something uplifting here!
7.  Following Frodo Gord is a minister in Canada surrounded by ladies in his family, a wife and three daughters.  Thought provoking posts with a modern take on Christianity.
8. InnerDorothy Sue inspires me to keep on going as I see her take on her headache and battle it each day.  She also has a beautiful kitteh a great husband with MS, and two wonderful sons!!!
9. MissWoogoo  A plug for my niece who makes lovely recycled paper beads!
10. Mrs. Mullenix A young wife with the same headache condition I have, hemicrania continua.  She is a great writer and makes me laugh quite often!
11. Not Plain Jane Spins her own yarn, makes delightful socks, a published author of knitting patterns, shawl maker - inspiring blog!
12.  The Singing Chef Raaga from India has some of the most beautiful and delicious recipes.  Some are quite exotic for the Midwest, but many are delicious takes on ingredients I have at my disposal.  Especially love her cakes!
13. Win Lose or Blog Mindy Watching Mindy go on a wonderful blogging journey of healthful weight loss.  Looking for pointers each time she posts.  Verrrrry funny lady!  Please follow and encourage her!
14. Switching Granny's Stuff Techie older lady, has MS so doesn't post very often - quite the  Apple fan!
15. Karrantz Fotos Antiguas Shows vintage photos that are of a time far enough past it will not be like that again.  Love it when they post a new batch to look at!  Don't understand a word they write.

An honorable mention for Nick Cage As Everyone because every day is a better day with a little more Nick Cage thrown in.

Boy - This was hard.  I follow a diverse bunch of blogs, but just picking 15 was very hard.  I tried to pick some that are not on my blog list, but all my blog list favorites are honorable mentions also.


  1. I like your half-batty comments.

  2. Appreciate you thinking of me dear one. Blessings.

  3. Steph - glad to know that - I will try to steer clear of the all the way batty ones.

    JBR - thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Thanks so much!! I'll try to do the question/answers tomorrow or the day after. Thanks again.

  5. Sue: Plumb forgot to say you are a minister too!!! Looking forward to your list!

  6. Thanks for thinking of me! Especially since I've been an absent blogger lately....

  7. Hey kiddo - you are young! You should be out there doing stuff!!! Hoping everything is OK!

  8. How on earth did I miss this? Thank you for the award and more so for the kind words!

  9. Raaga - I think you had a few other things on your mind, like moving to another country and starting a family!!! :) Still love your recipes!!!