Friday, July 23, 2010

Bleh Bleh Bleh

That Kind of Day

We had good news today that my niece did famously well with her back surgery.  Her husband has stood up to the stress well too.  I'm relieved and glad, and  my sister is much more relieved, and has gotten to talk to her daughter several times today.  We don't think Shelly will remember it, but it sure was nice of her husband to dial the phone for her, as we are certain Shel is a little too drugged to dial it herself!

Not feeling very well today, still can't keep any food down.  It has been several days since I last tried, so I thought maybe today would be the magic day.  Nope.  Just Bleh Bleh Bleh back it came.  I don't think anything is actually digesting, even with the enzyme supplements.  I sure am glad I have fat reserves galore; starvation isn't really an issue as I can melt down quite a bit before you get to skin and bones.  I am still staying at one dilaudid tablet a day, but really could have used more than one today.  I guess I shouldn't force things by eating, but how am I going to know when it is possible or not?  Pancreatitis is just no fun.

Finished my last survey for the occipital stimulator study.  The study coordinator said another participant that finished today had the same excellent results I have had.  Yeah!  The only thing I have left to do is mail back the palm device the electronic headache diary was kept on.

Several people have asked me if I have to have the stimulator removed now.  Nope.  It's mine, all mine!  Permanently implanted with battery replacement surgery guaranteed for life.  Yeah!

Worked some from home today, some tonight.  Everytime I get the VPN up, my regular internet connectivity drops so it is making it hard to work on items that are emailed to me.  I have to write down the data, close the browser and then sign on the VPN.  Very frustrating, but at least I can connect.  Actually did a bit of programming today.  Hopefully it is not drugged programming.

Found an old MetLife ad about stress with Snoopy on it.  I am going to have to try to de-stress and get back on the happy track, maybe a little Snoopy happy thought mojo will kick start the process.  Lack of food is making me pitifully whiney.  The pain meds aren't even making me sleepy either, because the pain is sucking the life out of the medication. Tomorrow will be better - won't it??


  1. Glad your niece is doing well.

    Cute video with Snoopy.

    Awww dear one..... ((((WNPP))))

  2. You can't miss with vintage Snoopy. Had a beagle when I was a young girl, so I have a soft spot fo beagles!

  3. I'm so glad your niece is doing so well. I just wish your belly was doing half as good...

  4. MP: Thank you. The Belly has a mind of its own. maybe I need an electronic belly zapper - wait - I think I saw one of those on late night tv!!! Probably not for pancreatitis. Sigh...