Saturday, July 10, 2010

Princess of All Things Pancreatic

Pain Pain Go Away Come Again Another Day

I have tried to work the last two days - was able to do 8 hours plus Thursday, but only did around four hours Friday.  I have some work to do this weekend which should more than make up time - I am trying like heck to do eight or more hours a day.  I tried to eat today, and while I am not as shakey the pain has been somewhat overwhelming. 

The oxycontin tablets (10 mg 2x dly) are helping to take the edge off the pain, but I have what I call pancreatic spasms which this dosage just doesn't touch.  I guess I will cut off eating for another couple of days and then see how the pain is when I try to eat again.  At least I have enough pain the oxy is not making me woozey or drugged feeling.  I am delaying the morning dose until I come home from work, then if able I take the second dose around one or two in the morning.  Don't seem to have much luck getting to sleep so that is OK.

On the up side I did get a lot of work done the last couple of days.  I won't have to travel for work until the second week of August which is a big relief for me.  I am hoping the pain will be much less by then.  I may have to break down and go see Dr. Gnome, but just not looking forward to the trip.

My kingdom has shrunken down to what The Belly commands.  The pancreas speaks and I come to attention.  Having trouble sleeping because of pain and also because the pancreas hurts less when I sleep sitting up - a hard trick to do without a hospital bed.  Right now the pain is pretty much on the severe side - I am hoping that it subsides soon.  Maybe the sitting up part is why I have gotten so much done at work the last couple of days.  Feels better than reclining!

I have an appointment with Dr. SassyPants on Monday.  I do hope I don't have to put on the huge pair of paper shorts again.  With all the pancreatic pain going on, I may put my pursuit of leg pain fixes on a back burner for a while.  I am sick enough I don't want to be poked, prodded or exercised at the moment.  I am even thinking of postponing my Cleveland visit for the end of my trial.  Not sure if I can abide the travel.

Going to try to go to sleep soon.  My petunias are blooming, my tomatoes are ripening, and the weekend beckons - needing a good pick me up, so maybe gardening this weekend will do the trick!  I am becoming obsessed with the belly pain and I need to actively distract my mind.  My weekend work project should help also.  Behave Body!!!  Depose the malicious pancreas cartel and get back to normal (as normal as I ever am!).


  1. Enjoy your gardening! Tending to plants (and then eating them! Nom nom!) is just soul restoring.

    When I was on the Oxy, it either did nothing, or knocked me into an extended coma-like sleep. It never fails to interest me how differently we all react to treatments.

    I'm sending calm-the-hell-down vibes to your pancreas. If that kind of thing does any good, I dunno, but I'm not much of a virtual hugger so vibes seem to be the logical alternative.


    Lol, did you get them yet?

    I should go to sleep now.

  2. The vibes hit, but must be a bit like an earthquake distance must decrease the intensity!

    Thanks Steph, gardening is a good outlet for me too!

    After a few days of using it Oxy does NOTHING that I can tell for The Headache except maybe make it a little worse (just what I needed). I think all the belly pain is eating up what pain killing properties it has and then some...sigh. Greedy Pancreas!!!