Monday, July 12, 2010

Buzz Kill - Occipital Stimulator No-No

WeedEater from Hell

Tried weed eating my yard this weekend in order to help out with the maintenance.  I used a gas powered weedeater rather than my light weight wimpy cut one blade of grass at a time regular electric weedeater.  I was only able to get about 15 minutes of weed eating in until The Headache interrupteth.

It seems the vibration from the weed eater completely conked out or negated any buzzing sensation from the stimulator.  Not sure if the same area at the top of my neck where the occipital region is at was being directly buzzed by the little gasoline weed whacker, or if it just confused the nerves in the region, but for about thirty minutes after I realized something was wrong and quit terrorizing the grass I thought I was back in no stimulator land hellacious agony for good.  The pain was as bad as I remembered.  I just tried to breath through it and remained calm.  It did fade, but took several hours to get back to the normal low level I have become accustomed to.  Ouch!

No more powerful weedeating for me.  I may just get some of those children's blunt end scissors and gnaw the grass off with that - it's faster than using my electric weedeater.  Maybe I can just chew it off like my dogs do when they are sick at their stomach - make The Belly behave at the same time!

Overall, feeling better today.  Got some no-fat cottage cheese and new tomatoes from the garden in my stomach and I think the pain is not too bad.  Going to see if I can get by without any pain medication at all tonight.  I am totally caffeine free now for three weeks, so thinking about staying caffeine free for awhile to see if it helps both The Belly and The Headache.

Did what any self respecting woman does when she gets down in the dumps, got a new hairdo this weekend!  I'm adventuresome with hair dressers - rarely see the same one 2x in a row, and almost never get the same haircut 2x in a row - kinda like haircut roulette.  What the hey, it'll grow out in three months anyway!  My hair is very limp and straight and my pictures were starting to look scary with the wacky hair, so it's smooth and sleek and short for a few weeks anyway!  Decided while staring at the ceiling and getting my hair washed that Wal-Mart should dedicate some maintenance workers to clean the roaches and beetles out of the light fixtures in the hair care area - might make you a little more confident on the cleanliness of the food in the store.  I guess you can tell I go to really high priced salons when getting my hair cut!

Took time to shear my poor old dog Bingo so she got a new hairdo too!  She wouldn't let me comb her underfur out this year, maybe just too achy and old, so I cut her hair with clippers.  She was much happier outside this afternoon.  She is definitely a winter loving dog, and summer is hard on her.

I'm tired, but got my work project done - except there didn't seem to be more than one facility in the download I got Friday afternoon, and there should have been two, so I may have more work to do Monday.  Sigh.

My sister said she had a neighbor come by and tell her she had skunks under her house - FOUR skunks they saw run across her yard and under the house.  I found an motion detecting Skunk eradicating electronic high frequency alarm and got it for her, we'll see if that deters the determined Skunk family.  OMG if she had one skunk two years ago, two skunks one year ago, four skunks this year - they are redoubling each year! That would make it eight next year, and the year after that my sister will have to install gas masks for visitors...scary!  Here's hoping the nonlethal skunk screamer will keep them away.  After all - it had a picture of a skunk with a circle and a line through indicating no more skunks!


  1. I completely understand how the weedeater would cause that. It's brought on many headaches for me (both physically and just from getting on my nerves). I hate weedeating almost as much as I hate mopping the I let me husband deal with, though I doubt he likes it any more than me.

  2. I'm praying for August to come, and the grass to go dormant. Glad I'm not the only one with the weedeater curse!