Sunday, July 25, 2010

Aftermarket Defects

Is It Too Late To Ask For An Upgrade?

Today has been better.  My pain is less, I am not taking any pain medication although at this time of night I start wishing to.  I was able to step up my consumption to semisolids, and some diverse liquids.  I was able to finish grocery shopping (tried to do two weeks worth at once since I don't know what the future will bring).  The pancreas pain on movement seems to be calming down, and if I remember correctly from past experience everything else should calm down too.

I think my Mom got supplied with a substandard pancreas for me before I was born.  I blame my Dad's family genes, but really they should have been sent back for rework.  The rest of my body is definitely outlasting some of the parts, maybe I got the durability of general health from my great-grandmother who died at 103, and the frailability of specific parts from the rest of the gang - a defective organ here, cancer there, thyroid dysfunction from them, diabetes from those, etc.  I certainly got short dumpiness from my father's mother's side of the family.  And my really annoying voice.  Heredity - you stink!  However, I have better eyesight than my brothers and sister, so I got lucky there!

I am finding it very hard to sleep.  I dreamed last night all night about going to a hospital in St. Louis with a couple of boys I grew up with - I think they sat in my row in the second grade.  Although we were grown up we were still in school, and the school nurse had sent us to this place. There were very high swingsets in the dark hospital garden and we could swing up up up into the light and then jump off and land in an above ground swimming pool on the other side of the garden wall.  We could see planes from the nearby airport flying overhead, and lots of stars (it was night) and dark green wild pasture all around us.  If we splashed too hard into the above ground swimming pool, it collapsed and let the water out, us with it.  The dream ended with me swooshed out of the pool to the ground.

Hoping to get sleepy soon, am trying my best. Don't want to get days and nights mixed up.  Hope to rest as much as possible tomorrow, so I can work Monday.  Readjusted my head buzzer, as it was getting a tad sore from the buzziness, maybe that will help.


  1. One hundred and three! Don't you ever wonder where some of these dreams come from. I hope you are sleeping by now and will be able to work Monday.

  2. MP: I have what I call "dream cycles" where I have these odd dreams until I finally get whatever subconscious message I am telling myself, and then they go away for awhile or at least I don't remember them!

    And you know with my ggmthr - that was 103 without the benefit of antibiotics, heart medication, blood pressure medication, etc. - what we now think as normal.

  3. Came by to give you a hug Winny.

  4. Needed it JBR - Worked Tuesday (traveled) was bad yesterday. Now I'm armed with a hug ready for today!