Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pancreas Pain Persists

One Year Blog Anniversary

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of this blog. When I started this, I didn't know if I would keep it up since The Headache was still going strong. In January 2009 I had 10 "Bad Headache" days, which meant either major pain medication taken or visits to the emergency room or both. I anticipate having none in January 2010. What a difference a year makes!

The magic of the occipital stimulator has made a huge difference in The Headache intensity. The overall pain level at the end of six months post implant is minimal. I use the stimulator 24 hours a day seven days a week and I don't even notice it is on most of the time. The daily pain is still there, though becoming inconsequential, and some of the autonomic symptoms are still there but the nerve searing brain exploding type of pain is dissolving into a smokey veil of memory. I haven't had a really bad headache day since November, a record for me in the last two years! I don't know how effective a stimulator would be for a migraine disorder, but it seems to be a miracle pallative for hemicrania continua.

While The Headache is much abated, The Belly pain I was experiencing at the inception of this blog is worse. Today I went to my PCP and got a script for time released trammadol and vicodin. He said to give it a few weeks, and we may have to step up the medication again if it isn't sufficient. Dr. Gnomes office said there were three treatment modalities to use for chronic pancreatitis: 1) low fat diet 2) digestive enzymes and 3) pain medication. Surgical intervention either through ERCP or other surgical procedures are warranted if the pain persists despite the three steps. I want to avoid surgery if at all possible.

My pancreas pain is definitely persistant. Tonight I almost headed to the ER because The Belly pain is so bad. I'm not sure if I am not responding well to the new medication combo, or if I just need to go and sit for a few days on an IV drip and heavy duty pain meds in a hospital because I waited too long to see the doctor. As long as I am semi-sitting up and kinda crunched over on my right side and stay very very very still its bearable, but just barely. The nausea is pretty bad also. If it wasn't New Year's Eve and an ER nightmare night I probably would have gone. I'm gonna see how it pans out tomorrow and see where I need to go from there. I just don't have a lot of pain tolerance left in me - The Headache made sure of that.

Wishing all a great new year with hopes for pain free happiness for everyone!


  1. Dear one, Happy New Year! Much safe hugs to you!

  2. Thanks JBR - Hoping your New Year will be full of happy surprises!

  3. Winny - Here's to hoping you have a Happy, Healthier New Year.

  4. You too MP!!! Looking forward to improvements in health for us all.