Monday, December 14, 2009


Ready for a New Week

I muscled through my client visit last week. I was in training mode, which for me is a high energy type of performance. When you train you are sorta dragging everyone along with you down a certain path. Some want to skip ahead and get lost in the forest, and some are just not physically up to the task and lag far behind. The skill is keeping all my little trekkers together and pointing in the same direction. You have to convey interest and energy to keep them grouped together and you have to pay attention to what they are doing so they don't lose their way.

Pacing is another energy expending effort. In order for the class to feel confident in their computer skills AND to get them up to speed, you change your pace of delivery. At first it is slow, then faster, faster faster the longer you train the same session, hoping by the end you can have them almost up to a normal speed.

At the best of times, training is very tiring for me. I tend to stand and walk around the training room so I can observe and help the students. Since the radiation therapy many years ago if I exceed standing for a half hour (and generally I am on my feet eight hours when training) the nerve pain starts up. Then having The Belly hurting, and The Headache hovering, and not daring to eat anything much I pretty well wore myself out. Hopefully my students didn't notice! I took great pains (literally!) so they wouldn't know how tired I was.

There were plenty of people to observe from work - two programmers, and two developers working on a new product - hopefully they absorbed enough that if I fall apart physically before the middle of January they can pick up the slack! My students at this client were wonderful, a true joy to train. They were interested, they were quick to learn, they brought up pertinent questions, and they had a positive attitude - all I could ask of a client and a class!

I am very tired and exhausted today. I have not been able to do much this weekend except rest, but hope I am finally on the mend. My left eye is droopy and my face hurts and The Headache is trying to attack but I am medicating it to keep it in its place. The Belly is hurting but not as much as last week. I am optimistic even though it is past 3 AM and I hurt too much to sleep that tomorrow will be better yet! Looking forward to a great week next week. Belly don't disappoint me!!


  1. ((((WNPP)))
    Certainly understand your exhaustion. Pray that you regain some strength.
    Here listening with you dear one....

  2. I hope you have a great week and get rested up tonight. I know, one nights rest wont help THAT much...but it is a start.

  3. Thanks JBR and Denise. Hoping against hope that I am finished with this bad spell. Wishing you both pain free days ahead!

  4. (((WNPP))) Hope this week is better.