Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Work Day - Yeah!!!!

Dammed Demand

I waited out the pain this morning, and got myself to work. I was able to work until five, and then come home and work some extra hours this evening. Today I fielded a lot of questions while trying to catch up at the same time - it was like a torrent of flood water flowing over a dam drowing me. I was glad I was able to make sense having been off so much! I didn't take any type of pain relief with me since I knew I would be tempted to take it so tonight I am paying the piper and the pain meds are not keeping up. Ah, wishing for a perfect world where The Belly behaves!

I am trying to hold it together this week because Thursday we are going to a client to do some training. This time I will have a group going with me to observe and document the training for support purposes and future training sessions. Thank heavens! In the last two years we have had two different persons who were supposed to be my training backup and neither one worked out. They just weren't good travelers - since sometimes we are on the road for days at a time so being a good traveler is pretty important. You have to play well with others when you are stuck for days in the same sandbox as a bunch of other people.

I can travel by myself or in groups, doesn't phase me either way. When I was a project manager I traveled quite a bit by myself and it never bothered me. The worst part of traveling in groups is sharing transportation - you don't have any autonomy. I'm thinking of travel because my boss told me that we have a bunch of installs already lined up for next year, and they are strung all over the U.S. Trying to get the old pancreas back in shape before the marathon starts because I need the stamina. Hopefully we will get some new persons to help, that way I won't have to be gone as much. Hopefully I will still be able to work...sigh....

The Headache is trying to rabble rouse this evening - there is a weather front coming in and I am sure that is why it is worse. The stimulator is keeping ahead of it so far! Hoping that tommorrow will be better.

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