Thursday, December 17, 2009

Resolution: I Need Happy Feet

No More Gloomy Gus

Like Steve Martin, I am going to wait until the drugs take effect, and then I'm gonna get me some happy feet and do the dance of joy. I'm tired of being tired, grumpy about my grumpinees, unhappy about my unhappiness. I should be concentrating on preserving my happy nature instead of letting life's circumstances get in the way.

For the next week the plan is to maintain a happy mood. I'm feeling kinda down physically, just not up to the challenge of an eight hour work day yet as I am having to medicate fairly regularily. I'm just going to have to get more used to the medication so I can function better when I take it, and not be bummed out because I have to take it. I think undermedicating and trying to work through The Belly pain is not working. I'll try tomorrow to maybe take half doses during the day and work my way up from there. Perhaps I should take a big dose of Pollyanna-esque cheer with the medication. I'll bet it tastes like sunshine and flowers.

I am going to cultivate my old goofy attitude and regain my positivity (is that even a word??). Happy street I'm heading your way!

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