Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Belly Blues

Another Lost Day

Stayed home today. The Belly didn't want me to do much but take pain medication. I tried all morning to get going without any medication, but finally at noon realized that I needed to just give in to the inevitable and take my trammadol. I have slept most of the day, and the trammadol is just able to take the edge off The Belly pain.

The Headache is still bothering me but I also have the stimulator turned down to the barely there settings. The muscles in the back of my neck are finally feeling normal again, so I will turn up the stimulator tomorrow and see if I can corral The Headache.

The Belly is really kicking a fit today. Wasn't too great yesterday afternoon. Hoping that maybe resting today and tonight will put it back to normal. If it doesn't get better tomorrow I will go and have my enzymes checked. Taking a vacation from eating should help.

I had hoped to work from home Monday night, but The Belly interfered. I medicated last night hoping to be able to work today, but lift off was not acheived. Hoping to go to work tomorrow!

Last year at this time I was recovering from a bout of acute pancreatitis AND The Headache was not controlled. I was considering trying for disability because I was in so much pain. This year The Headache is almost under control, and The Belly is my main concern. Wonder what will be my main concern next year? Hoping it won't be health related! I think it would be great if next year I just have to worry about where to go on vacation!

All my vacation time has been spent being ill the last couple of years. I would like to go on a real vacation and sit on a sunny beach listening to the ocean and feeling the warm breeze....or maybe up in the mountains, in a cabin near a clear stream with the air scented with cedar. Ahhh, just thinking about it makes me more relaxed!


  1. Sorry for your continued pain....
    Here with you.


  2. Thanks JBR. I'm afraid the pain is going to be my companion for awhile. I've just got to get over the whineys and deal with it. Bleah.