Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tired and Mouse Infested

But At Least I Don't Have Skunks

Today only worked a few hours, and had to decide not to go to my scheduled training session at a client's. It's very disappointing, but I just am not able to suck it up today to go tomorrow (which is today now I guess!).

I'm feeling very very tired, yet I'm unable to sit still because I am very definitely having Belly issues which include pain. That Belly is just a nuisance lately. Maybe I should just get a food magazine and stare at pictures of food and just imagine I was eating something. Eating isn't getting me much except pain, so maybe imaginary eating would just give me imaginary pain!

I heard back from Dr. Gnomes office about my blood test for autoimmune pancreatitis. I officially don't have autoimmune pancreatitis, just stinky old uncurable chronic pancreatitis. Their suggestion (since I did not want to take time off for another ERCP) is to keep eating a low fat diet and taking pain medication. If it gets where I can't bear the pain or feel much worse then I need to schedule another ERCP, although they recommended I have one now.

I am not eager to repeat the ERCP process since I had such a bad allergic reaction last time to the dye they use for the fluoroscope during the ERCP. I'm not sure what another ERCP would accomplish, unless they would stint the pancreatic duct. I don't want the down time for an ERCP either - last time it was a week in the hospital and a week to recover and I came out of the procedure with The Headache so heaven knows what I would come out with this time.

My pain control at this time is inadequate. I am in pain most of the time, and especially bad at night. The perscription for trammadol was just for occassional use, not for the dosages I am taking every day. I made an appointment with my PCP for Thursday morning to see if I can find some other alternative to what I am doing now. If I could get trammadol in time release form (I know they make that) it might give me better control of overall pain.

The Headache is acting up today, and of all things I got pins and needles all down my right side today. It lasted about 15 minutes and is the opposite side from The Headache so would be the side controlled by that portion of the brain. I wonder if its just another new manifestation of The Headache just like the scintillating scotoma I had the other day. I am having more right sided head pain again also. I'm afraid that my trammadol might be creating a drug headache, but it could also be The Headache morphing into something else less noxious. That would be great, so I'm going to keep that thought foremost!

I heard Mr. Mouse again last night. Augie my dachshund mole hunter extraordinaire is ignoring Mr. Mouse. I think he has made some kind of deal with Mr. Mouse not to catch him just like Garfield the Cat in the comics. My sister with the ongoing skunk issue gave me a new insight into my mouse problem - at least I don't have skunks mating and living under my house. She is running a skunk bordello if you can judge by the amount of wild skunk loving you can hear under her office floor! Mr. Mouse is quiet and does not seem to be smelly, so that's a plus. And he doesn't appear to have any visitors which is also an improvement on the skunks.


  1. I hope you can get the pain under control and get the meds sorted.

  2. Thanks Sue. With a chronic headache, pain medication is a two-edged sword. I need it for The Belly, but fear worsening The Headache. Auuuugh!!

  3. Dear one first (((((WNPP))). I am so very sorry for your continued pain. I pray One day you WILL be set free from this!!

    When I read in your title, 'mouse' I could relate. When I lived in NY the apartment I was living in at the time with my family would at times welcome mice through the radiator. Scare the living crap out of me. As in my eyes, them mice are like rats in NY.

    Dear one, I pray this coming year will be less pain for you! Blessings and hugs!

  4. Hoping you have great 2010 too JBR.

    I can live with pain easier than with mouseys. Too hoppy for me. I agree, they scare the living crap out of me too!!!! Those NY mice probably are like our country mice on steroids!