Saturday, December 19, 2009

Good Day Bad Night

Stomach Stress

Worked a full day today and then some, have another client visit Monday to train. Needed to prep my materials, print the handouts, setup examples in the training database to train on - a pretty full day in normal circumstances. So today was complicated with an unplanned meeting, helping a coworker out with a problem, and a large support issue that was almost impossible to complete because the secure vpn connection I needed kept going down. AUUUGH!

Maybe that's why The Belly and The Headache are going gangbusters tonight. Despite taking anti-nausea medication I have been tossing my cookies (quite literally - I actually ate a cookie at Christmas desert day at work!). My hives are breaking out big time to boot in spite of taking antihistimines to decrease them. My plaquenil doesn't seem to be helping this outbreak much.

I did do the happy dance at work today because I whipped out a couple of special reports for clients in spite of the chaos of my day. I'm pretty fast when all my brain cells are firing.

All my blood tests seem to be in that Dr. Gnome ordered, and hopefully his office has them by now. Cholesterol and triglyceride levels are great - not surprising since I haven't been able to eat much fat in my diet for years! I show signs of systemic inflammation, no surprise there. I have low levels of some weird antibodies but nothing looks significant to me. To my layman's eye it doesn't seem that anything pops out as a cause of the chronic pancreatitis. I was hoping it would, because it is simple to treat autoimmune pancreatitis, and once treated it sorta goes away. Guess I have common garden variety chronic pancreatitis which has no cure. I will follow up with Dr. Gnome's office Monday if I have time.

I've taken the maximum medication I can imbibe for the next three to four hours. Wish I was tougher, and The Belly was less touchy. Need to improve because I have things I need to do this weekend.

My older brother was so nice, he went into the garage and put up some of my Christmas decorations including a couple of trees with lights and some wreaths. He didn't seem to find any ornaments, and I'm not sure what happened to them last year as The Headache was going full tilt when I put up the decorations in January. Our mom was quite pleased with the Christmas decor. My younger brother has been playing Christmas songs all week to try to get us in the mood. Maybe I will get in the spirit but right now don't have the energy required.


  1. You have some good things and some bad things going on in this post. Sorry you continue to be sick. Glad you were able to accomplish some things at work and that your brother is being nice to you and you are able to help a co-worker. A lot to take on yes, but you did it dear one too! Blessings and hugs.

  2. Working on staying positive! Thanks for the encouragement JBR!