Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Return of The Cankles

The Horror!!

Trying to work this week and get a full 40 hours or more in, so far it has been successful. The biggest drawback is I am retaining fluids and my cankles have returned. Oh, the humanity!! Will the cankle torture never end?

It seems the sicker I feel the canklier my ankles get. I wonder if there is a pancreas/cankle syndrome out there somewhere?? I'm rankled about my cankles. I always had thin ankles and very small feet, now they are turning into stubby cankley blobs that won't fit into my shoes.

While I'm ranting - shoes are a very sore issue with me. I wear American size five shoes. Apparently all the retailers of shoes have gotten together and have decided not to stock my size shoes. I have been told by countless clerks to shop in the little girls section. I'm 50 years old - do they think I want shoes with hearts and shiney stars and Hannah Montana on them?

It's past midnight again, another sleepless night. Very productive day at work - did a three hour lecture on medical business practices and organization this morning. Wishing The Belly pain would go away. The Headache is behaving since the cold front whistled in last night. I'm feeling more upbeat - getting back to work always makes me happy. Have I mentioned before that I love my job?? The boss is recruiting to fill two new positions - one for my area of responsibility. Yeah! Wish I knew someone who would fit the bill - I know people, but either they can't travel, or they don't work well with others, or they like the job where they are at now.

Going to take another pill and see if sleep will come...The Belly burning gets worse at night for some reason. Working towards making it to Saturday without going to an emergency room.


  1. Denise:

    Thank you - my poor belly needs all the help it can get!

    I am now convinced the cankles are incurable. Maybe if I stand on my head in the corner, the cankliness will flow downward, and instead of cankles, I'll have a big mushy lump on my head! I could then cover by teasing my hair or wearing a hat

  2. (((WNPP)))
    Here listening dear one....

  3. JBR: Praying that cankles will never attack again!!! Take care. Hope you have a great weekend this weekend!! AND no cankles..