Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tired of Being Tired

Ready for A New Day

Have been reaaaally sick the last few days, bad enough I made a trip to the ER about 4 in the morning early Monday. I'm left feeling very tired.

This will be the fourth round of antibiotics I have had in the past month and a half. I'm running out of antibiotics to take, and I am very very very tired (oh, did I mention I'm tired?). It's the kind of tired that sleep does not help. On the up side The Headache is having a good day today and The Belly only complained once.

I actually got out and planted some flowers and pruned a few tomato plants last weekend. I've been too sick to tend to them since and by this afternoon the flowers were looking a little sad. I did get some water on them this evening so maybe they will be more perky tomorrow. I got enough sun Saturday I have my first sunburn of the season.

I feel so bummed that yet another illness is upon me. The ER doc thought this still may be the aftermath of the flu I caught a few weeks ago. Double darn. The antibiotics seem to be helping, and I am sure tomorrow (or today) will be a better day than yesterday!


  1. Oh bleh. I hope you feel better McSoon!

  2. Antibiotics are miracles in pill form!!!