Monday, June 15, 2009

I Want Me Some Electric Pain Chaser!!

Wishing for Tomorrow Today

Not such a great day today. Have been in very bad nerve pain as yet another exam by another specialist (who now has more invasive tests ordered) results in "I think your problems are due to the radiation therapy you had." Well, no duh! In the meantime nerves I very carefully try not to annoy are angrily taking their revenge today. The Headache is not cooperative either. I guess the whole body is in rebellion.

Found this advertisement for Electric Pain Chaser, from the Electric Bean Chemical Company, on Flicker. It seems to cure anything that ails you. Maybe I need some of this? And what is an electric bean?

My pelvic nerves, my legs, and the bottoms of my feet are all on fire tonight. No way to get away from it, just trying to wait it out. Took medication and slept through most of today, took some more a few minutes ago and hopefully I will be asleep quickly.

On the upside - at least it is not a recurrance of cancer. On the downside, I was told the problems I have (if caused by radiation therapy) will be progressive and there is no way to treat it or predict how bad it will finally get. I'm going through with the next round of tests - may as well pursue it to the end this time! So next week I will have a battery of tests that will deal with pelvic nerve functionality, but won't hear back about them until the first week in July. Happy Happy Joy Joy!

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