Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bad Headache Day #32 2009

No Sleep And My Eye Hurts

Boy, am I whiny today. Didn't sleep at all last night, didn't go to work today. My left eye is a source of piercing ouchiness which is leading to overwhelming grouchiness. I did work several hours in the middle of the night on a project to distract myself. Couldn't drug myself into insensibility but I did manage to stop the pain escalation before I became non-functional! Maybe I am getting the hang of keeping myself out of emergency rooms!

My insurance company Anthem sent me a letter from their subrogation department (that's the department that tries to get anyone other than Anthem to pay the bill) from my visit with the oncologist, wanting to know if it's a work related injury. Now, not knowing what the doctor's office coded the visit as, I shouldn't be too judgmental but really - a visit to your gynecological oncologist is due to work related injury?? What line of work would that put me in, eh? And what kind of injury could it be that would make it even remotely work related??? Seems to be a case of computer generated nonsense due to a trauma code being put on a bill. How much work is wasted because a human being never bothers to review what happens? No wonder health insurance is expensive!

This has been a blah nothing day, maybe because I am in a blah nothing mood. My hives are erupting in full glory this week just to make my life even more exciting. And I am still having trouble walking from the leg problems. Just about ready to take more Benedryl to stop the itching somewhat and go to bed. Hoping to sleep tonight even tho The Headache is taking over.


  1. Sorry about the headache. Sorry about the blah.


  2. As Scarlett would say in Gone with the Wind - there's always tomorrow!!! Or was that there's always Tara??