Saturday, June 27, 2009

Getting my Golden Helmet of Mambrino

Hope I'm not Tilting at Windmills!

Will be leaving in wee hours tomorrow to drive to St. Louis and catch a flight to Cleveland. Fatigue finally won out over economy, so I compromised with a four hour dive and an hour or so flight. My younger brother John is going with me - my poor older brother Phil has a bad back and it about put him down for the count when he went with me the last time.

I thought of this song from the Man of La Mancha where Don Quixote mistakes the barber's shaving basin for a legendary golden helmet which will make him invincible! I hope I am not as mistaken as the great Don, and the occipital stimulator will be the real golden helmet, and not just a wash bowl. If you hear the cuckoos calling from the cuckooberry tree, please let me know! I definitely hope I have a noble heart and the stimulator will make me impervious to The Headache!

Hand over that golden helmet!

But this is a shaving basin!

Shaving basin! Know thou not what this really is?
The Golden Helmet of Mambrino!
When worn by one of noble heart, it renders
him invulnerable to all wounds!
I am hoping for a safe trip and an excellent result from my surgery Tuesday. Won't probably be posting for a few days so everyone out there - stay well!

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