Sunday, May 31, 2009

Brain Hives

Me and My Mast Cells

Read an abstract of a June 2009 article concerning new research on sterile inflammation and meningeal mast cells. Very interesting, as my ongoing headache occured after an operation in 2007 where I experienced an anaphylactic reaction to contrast material while under anesthesia. I thought The Headache was maybe due to positioning during the operation, but maybe it was the allergic reaction itself! The only medications which have helped The Headache pain have been major anti-inflammatory agents most of which I have trouble tolerating because they aggravate The Belly.

I have been diagnosed by an immunologist with having over-active mast cells, based on the multiple drug reactions and anaphylactic reactions I have experienced. Perhaps The Headache is just another manifestation of this mechanism. Since I have had problems with hive outbreaks that last for years, maybe The Headache is brain hives! I can envision the little lumpikins all over my thunker now - makes my brain itch just thinking about it. I wonder if they make brain scratchers like back scratchers???

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