Sunday, June 21, 2009

Warning: Headache in Progress

Got the Pain Jitters

The Headache is coming alive this evening. Had a good day yesterday as far as The Headache was concerned, but it is growing again. I have been imagining myself somewhere quiet and dark, but it is already quiet and dark here so I don't have to stretch my imagination very far. Thank heavens because the brain is just limping along.

Having issues sitting still - guess I will take my good old fashioned benedryl phenergan Ultram cocktail and see if I can still the troubled brain. Going to work tomorrow and try to catch up from the sciatic disaster from last week. Still hurting from that, but at least at livable levels. I can walk without just scooting my feet around - Yeah!!! Not looking forward to the tests next Wednesday since I am afraid they may cause the sciatica to act up again.

I am tired yet I have not done anything this weekend. I need to buy groceries and clean house desparately but didn't want to risk riling up the legs like last week. The dirt will be there when I get around to getting rid of it - it definitely isn't going to run away and leave the floor clean like magic. I wish I had some of those magic elves/brownies like in the fairy tales that come and do all your work for you while you are asleep. Maybe an oompa loompa or two would make work lighter - but they are sooo judgemental!!! Considering my short stature, I'm probably only an inch or two from oompa loompadom myself. :) By state law if I shrink another inch I'll have to buy a booster seat to drive!

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