Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bad Headache Day #31 2009

My Brain is like a Wrung Out Sham Wow

Second bad day in a row - due for a better day tomorrow (or I should say today - can't sleep and its 2 AM). My brain has been swollen too big for my skull for quite a few hours, now it feels like its been squeezed dry and is all crinkly and ouchy. Medication isn't doing anything at this point - but The Headache seems to be idling right now. I hope that it decides to keep on idling for the next few days because I have some important things to do at work.

Filing another extension on my short term disability this week. I'm disappointed that this is necessary, but its taking quite a while to get the stimulator installed. My PCP (when he signed the paperwork) asked me about how well the trial stimulator worked, and I said didn't kill the pain entirely but seemed to keep the pain from getting worse. He told me I may have to stay on some sort of medication. I stated that I will wait and see - the permanent implant may work better than the trial. For one thing I get to keep it instead of returning it in a week!

I can't sleep and now I have the echoes of the Sham Wow guy's voice bouncing around in my skull. Yee Haw! Or should I say "Sham Wow!"??


  1. It's either cry or shout Sham WOW!!!! Hope you are having a good day.