Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blog Carnival At Somebody Heal Me

I Participated in My First Blog Carnival

Diana Lee at Somebody Heal Me was kind enough to invite me to participate in a blog carnival. She sponsors one every month. I'm new to this stuff - so I'm very honored she was sweet enough to include my entry! Please read the entries - some great stuff there! The theme this month was "Misunderstanding Migraine"

Diana is going to get something called a "RadioFrequency Rhizotomy" to deaden some nerves in the back of her head/neck. I hope she finds complete relief from this procedure and keeps writing her blog to let us know about her new pain free life!!!

On another note - I am seriously starting to search for a good bicycle to start biking after I get the stimulator installed. Another blogger bikes in a city setting and makes it sound so inviting - I used to bike with a 10-speed long ago until an unfortunate accident in gear five with a dog. The dog was fine, the bike was fine, I had a fine case of road rash as I flew over the handlebars in full derailleur glory and kissed the pavement. Still have the scars!!!

I think I may look for a single speed old lady bike but will probably go to the local bike store to have one made to measure as I am under five feet tall. There are several great local bike trails I can use, maybe even bike to as I build my endurance. I think this old circus bike looks like my speed, and if I dressed like the clown I would maybe do better flips when the next dog attacks my bike like a buzz bomber! When I get the bike I will have to practice to circus theme music so I can get the full effect!

At home today, sleepy and medicated as The Headache is having a field day!


  1. Hey Emmy,
    Check out walmart's site for a 24 inch girls cranbrook cruiser. I ordered one for myself because it's an old fashioned one gear bike with coaster brakes and it sits you straight up instead of leaning you forward like all other bikes do (my back can't handle that). It was 84 dollars and they are shipping it to my local store for pick up. If a 24" frame will fit you, I suggest you look at it. I'm going to get a snap on basket for the front so I can carry my milk home from the store, or whatever I decide to haul in it. It's a cute bike, and they make the same style in women's so no one would notice you are riding a kids bike!

  2. I almost have to try one on for size - I don't know if I can ride a 24" frame! You are several inches taller than me. I will check it out tho - have also been checking Craigslist because there are quite a few of the old heavy duty Schwins out there....:) I know the one bike shop in Springfield can build one to size for a couple of hundred dollars - not fancy but I don't need fancy.