Thursday, June 25, 2009

Clown Watch Happiness

What Time is it?? Time to Have Fun!!!!

A lovely surprise was waiting for me at home this evening - wonderful clown watch with spinning circles, which I guess are clown balls. (Hmmm, that doesn't sound very nice) My sister dropped it off at home as a present for me when she was visiting my mom this afternoon. Definitely a source of merriment to take with me to Cleveland. I will certainly be stylin' with this lovely watch wrapped around my wrist!

I look like I have a tan in this picture, but that is actually discoloration from huge hives I had about 3 years ago. I have very large brownish patches scattered all over me, somewhat like a home tan gone bad (you know, when you get too much sunless tanner in some places and none in others???). I have one patch that covers the lower left side of my face but it is fainter than some of the others, so it's not quite as noticeable. The hive on my left hand went from my knuckles to about midway up my forearm. There is an area where a watch goes that isn't discolored because I was wearing a watch when I had the allergic reaction and my wrist couldn't swell up as much as the rest of me!

My chronic hives are really acting up this week. Big old red hives are popping up all over me, and my eyes itch, the insides of my ears itch, the inside of my nose itches, and my lips are starting to swell. I am breaking out around every spot my clothing is tight, and my feet broke out with hives where my shoes fit more snuggly. Normally I would start downing the H2 blockers and benedryl but am trying to be conservative with medication due to the operation next week.

My insurance company Anthem called, and wants to put me in a free program called Care Coordination, where a nurse calls you and asks how you are doing every 3 months or so. Something needs to be coordinated but I think my own poor health is just a little too complicated for this to make much difference. I am thinking about doing it, just to see what it is. The intake person asked what all was wrong with me, and after giving that list to her (and I think I missed a couple of problems) I'm surprised depression wasn't one of them! I guess it pays to have your glass half full all of the time.

I was able to work both yesterday and today, and actually have gotten some work completed! Yeah!! I know I am not being as effective at my job as I like to be and that is frustrating. I really love my job and the people I work with. I discussed the problems I am having (except for the continence issues - a very touchy subject to talk about) with my boss and even offered to resign because I hate being non-productive, but he said I do more in the few hours I am there than some people do all week. I think he was just being nice, but I appreciate the thought!

Have been doing some programming at work this last couple of weeks. I can do it but its not high on my list of work tasks - almost rates thrill wise with filing. I guess that's why it's called work and not vacation! I do like problem solving, and that part of programming is interesting. Sorta like accounting which I did for about 20 years - the routine is boring boring boring, but every once in a while you run across a problem that takes a while to figure out.

One of the boss's daughters is working this summer doing programming and she is a very quick learner. Her degree is in fine art (as in drawing, sculpture, ceramics, etc.) so you would think she would be very right brained but she inherited some really good logic circuits to go with her intuitive side. Makes me realize how much my own brain has slowed down with The Headache and age. Sigh.

I had some fairly invasive testing done yesterday for the pelvic pain and other issues I have been having (including continence problems). Won't get the results for a week or so, since I will be in Cleveland, but I'm sure that the news won't be great. Had an anal ultrasound, pudendal nerve latency test, and an anal manometry test to see how bad the ennervation of the plevic region is. Not a great way to spend an afternoon. If nothing is wrong then I know that I have made a perfect ass of myself!!

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