Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bad Headache Day #30 2009

The Pain, Boss, The Pain!

Bad day today. I finally drugged myself to sleep to get through the worst part of the pain but it's bouncing back this evening. I would have gone to the ER but I had no one to drive me home so that would have been pointless. I may end up there yet, but will take some more meds in a bit to see if I can stave off the agony a little while longer. This is probably payback for the two good days I had this weekend. Never. Let. Your. Guard. Down. I should know that by now!

Ah, I will try to take a mind vacation at an imaginary island - cool water lapping at my feet, ocean breezes in the late evening rustling the grass, my head pain free and pleasant fresh smell of air that has traveled the world to find me! If only I had Ricardo Montalban there serving me a cool glass of lemonade it would be perfect.

I am sure now that some of the pain exacerbations I have been experiencing are weather related. This afternoon the pain was the worst just when tornado sirens were going off about 15 miles away. Another storm front is moving through, as as the thunder rumbles louder and the lightening flashes get closer The Headache is getting worse. I guess if I don't get blown away tonight by a tornado I should consider myself lucky!


  1. Aw rats. I hate those brutal nights and the Decision - ER or not to ER. Bleh.

    Remember - if it's bad enough, it's worth the cab fare home.

  2. I toughed it out, and had a not so good day today but my pain cycle should be on the way down tomorrow (I guess today!) so Yeah!!!!

    No cabs out here in the booneys where I live Sue - you must live in a civilized area!:)