Sunday, September 13, 2009

Waiting for The Sandman

Sleep Elusive Sleep

I've had a hard time going to sleep this past week. I finally took some sleep inducing medication last night and then overslept big time today. Yesterday was not a very good day, and I didn't get much done today because I'm still very very very tired. Drugged sleep is not always restful sleep.

The Headache was active yesterday but is not bad this evening. I'm not sure if its the weather, or because I'm trying to work full time again. I'm hoping its the weather.

Wishing the sandman would come and put me to sleep. I would even put up with some nightmares! Hoping I get some quality sleep in before the client visit. Sleeping in hotels is not easy either. Ah well, I better quit whining and do something productive if I can't sleep! Good night all!

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