Friday, September 4, 2009

Reunion Time

Getting Prepared

Shopped this evening after work to find some foldable lawn chairs to bring to my Mom's family reunion this weekend. I wanted old fashioned aluminum folding lawn chairs but of course there were none of these, just those cloth sling "fold and put in a sack" chairs. Not my favorites but I bought them anyway.

The Headache is not happy about all the walking I did trying to find lawn chairs. It's talking to me this evening. I'm going to sit quietly in a little while and practice my biofeedback. The facial and eye pain is gaining on me. Please, Lord, just one weekend without complications!

Debating about whether or not to take my dog Augie with us. I have reservations at a hotel that allows pets. We've stayed there before with Augie - he loved it. The elevator doors would open on one floor and there would be one set of people to see, and then the doors would close and then open again and like magic there was an entire different scene with different people! He especially liked the automatically opening doors. There are just going to be a lot of people there, and I don't know how Augie will like it.

My Mom's family is huge. When I see the Duggar family on TV I think of what growing up in my Mom's family must have been like. Mom said they ironed and pressed their underwear flat in order to get it to fit in the drawers and my grandmother would create new dresses out of shirttails and old skirts. The family of my Mom's brothers and sisters goes like this in descending order oldest to youngest, with Anna and Ralph being the only two still with us, the rest having already passed on.[Note revised this AM per input from my Mom, with nicknames added).

  1. Leon (Young Man)
  2. Vivian (Vi)
  3. Ethel (Rube)
  4. Pearl (Jane)
  5. Harold (Wheech)
  6. Maxine (No nickname - died in childhood)
  7. Lileth (Min or Ginger)
  8. Clarence (Mac)
  9. Henry (Stub or Hank or Lennox)
  10. Geneva (Doze)
  11. Nadine (Dinny)
  12. Nonavee (John)
  13. Anna (Snooks)
  14. Retta (Rexy)
  15. Ralph (Pood or Allen)

  16. Someone once asked me if my grandparents were Catholic, and I replied, no just Prolific, to which the person who asked the question said "What kind of religion is that?" to which I replied "It's one you have to practice a lot!"

    Grew up with a lot of people having nicknames from my Mom's side - Mine was Sisseroo, my brother was MullGrinder or Grinder, I had cousins named Snake and Fox.

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