Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Message from Dr. Gnome's Office

Do I get to Pay with Mushrooms?

Had a message on my answering maching from Dr. Gnome's office when I got home from work today. I'm to call, and I hope setup an appointment. I'll find out tomorrow. Wonder if Dr. Gnome rides a fox to work, or comes in by raven?

I think I'm a bit of a gnome myself, so perhaps I will get myself a big tall red hat and stand around the garden on the lookout for slugs, snails, and other varmints. I wonder if Smurfs are a variety of gnome or a creature unto themselves? I wouldn't mind being a Smurf either since they are such a lovely blue color and are just three apples high!

Kinda goofy this evening. The Belly is complaining but The Headache is behaving. Got quite a bit of work done today but have a lot more to do tomorrow. Having a hard time sitting still, but need to get to sleep!


  1. Well perhaps a gnome doctor can best relate to gnomish issues?

    Smurfs, I think, were invented in the 1970's to keep the kids I babysat for quiet so they wouldn't hurt my head. That's my theory anyway.

    Gnomes are of a more ancient vintage.

    Okay, thanks for the opportunity for goofiness.

  2. Megan:

    I agree, gnomes are more ancient - after all,
    Gnome wasn't built in a day...

    I guess I'll just have to wing it at my appointment but I'll remember when in Gnome do as the Gnomans do!

    Good to know you were the reason Smurfs exist! :) I used to keep my nieces in line just by saying "Oh, my little Smurfs" in my best Grandpa Smurf imitation.