Saturday, September 19, 2009

Strange Dream Playing Goph

I'm All Right?

Had a strange dream yesterday. I dreamed that we were playing Goph. Not Golf, but Goph. Goph was a game like golf, but the balls were made of frozen gophers. We were playing rounds on a beautiful green goph course. It was getting warm, and our frozen gophers (goph balls) were starting to thaw. Someone hit their goph ball too hard, and the gopher became unwound and laid on the ground panting, sorta flattened out.

I am sure there is some hidden meaning here, but I'm not sure what it is. Maybe I'm remembering the Kenny Loggins tune from Caddyshack: "I'm All Right"??


  1. LOVE the ad! Such an odd dream too...

  2. Guess I need to get myself a set of Goph Klubs, and go gophing, with some goph shoes and ride in a goph Kart. Poor lil' gophers!

    Tiger showed a great sense of humor in the ad, I thought!

    I tend to have dreams with lots of puns when I am ignoring something - so I just need to figure this one out!