Sunday, September 27, 2009

Me and My Toilet

Quiet Saturday

Up late tonight, feeling very nauseous and have managed only to throw up once, but lying down makes it worse, which tells me it's not The Headache causing the nausea, but The Belly. I tried introducing some food today into my diet and think perhaps The Belly isn't really ready for food.

My friend The Toilet and I have been busy getting reacquainted this week. The Belly just is not cooperating with anything. I am very extremely tired, but because The Belly hurts worse when I lay down I am not getting much sleep.

The Headache calmed down and has been behaving its self. Which is good news, because The Belly and The Headache both at once at extreme levels of ouchiness was almost too much for me. I'm feeling down this weekend. I am so tired and I have been so excited that The Headache is semi-behaving itself and going back to work and then BAM something else happens. This is my eighth year of BAMtastic health, and I am worn out. I guess I should be thankful that I do not have fatal ailments or completely disabling conditions (although my family says I should give up and try for disability).

I just don't know how many more bizarre problems I can bear to have. One thing breaks after another. I feel like Einstein looking for the unified field theory - surely there must be one overriding ailment that is causing all of this, but there probably isn't. I fear that my health issues are becoming so complicated that they will become an impossible tangle of interwoven symptoms and treatments that just feed off of each other, and I will get caught in an even worse tangle of specialists than I have currently.

I've lost a bit of weight this week which is a bright spot when you can't eat anything. Fasting is one sure way to kick off a weight loss plan. Just 10 more pounds to lose before I get back to my pre-steroid pre-hemicrania continua weight. Yeah!


  1. Are you taking any kind of medication for Hemicrania continua? I am and as long as I take it the way I'm supposed to, the headache is at bay. But I've only had for almost a year before it was diagnosed - I just woke up with a crazy bad headache one morning and it neve really went away. How long have you been dealing with it? And whats this I read about you being almost back to pre-hemicrania continua weight...does a certain medication for it cause you to gain weight? It's got me wondering now......

  2. Charlene: The only medication I take right now for pain control is benedryl and phenergan in combination.

    I wish I could still take indomethacin. It worked the best of anything, but it got me in trouble with my pancreas which was already touchy. Some people are able to take the indomethacin for decades, and I'm hoping you are one too!

    The weight gain was from the steroids I was given before I got the hemicrania continua diagnosis and indomethacin. I gained almost 30 pounds! Eeek! I didn't gain any weight with the indomethacin.

    My headache started in 2007 right after I had an endoscopic operation on my pancreatic duct. AND it never went away just like yours. It took me about nine months to get a diagnosis - from what I can tell you and I were diagnosed pretty quickly compared to some others. There aren't a lot of us diagnosed with this, so you had a pretty good doctor to figure it out!

    I have an occipital stimulator installed as part of a headache study, partly because I was not able to take medication that worked. It works pretty well, but I would rather have taken a pill than go through an operation.

    You know, your blog got me started thinking about fall boots! Now I'm going to have to go try some on and convince myself not to buy them..I'm not sure if I will win that argument! :)