Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Home Again!

No Rechargeable Battery for Me

Back from Cleveland, with no wires in my head. The trial lead was easy to remove, and it only took a few minutes. I was surprised at how long the piece they had implanted was - about three inches long. Didn't feel like that under my skin!

I talked with the study representative and with the P.A. who removed the lead about my trial experience. I did find out I AM eligible for surgery, that the trial was considered successful, and I WON'T get a rechargeable battery implant. :( At the beginning of the trial I was told that I could be given one of six models of implants, but the implant study rep said, no there was only one model. That seems much more scientifically valid, with less variability. She just didn't say what model!! I guess that's why the study guarantees lifetime replacement surgery for the batteries for its participants.

Got a great cabbie in Cleveland. He charges a flat rate from the airport region to the Clinic, or vice versa. Since I was in no hurry to get back to the airport and the meter wasn't running, he took me on a quick scenic tour on the way back. We drove through a park built in the late 1800's - a curving greenway with sculpture gardens all through it. I found out that the Rockefeller family came from Cleveland and that Bob Hope was from Cleveland. I haven't fact checked the cabbie, so I am just repeating the tour monologue!!! I'm keeping his number for the next trip!

Turbulent flying on the way home. I tried to switch to an earlier flight but they were booked up. For some reason, every time I fly into Memphis there is a great deal of turbulance right at the airport. Is it me, or is it Memphis?

The Headache is pretty strong this evening, as I had to drive from the airport to home and didn't dare medicate too much. I'm planning on working a full day tomorrow if I can! It's sticky and humid and hot so I've turned up the air at home so The Headache won't get worse.

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  1. That's nice about the cabbie!!! Too bad though about the turbulence in the air and in your head. I hope you feel better for work tomorrow.