Saturday, May 16, 2009

Itchy and Scratchy- That's Me!

Hives are no fun

Bad day, bad night. It seems that removing the stimulator and healing is causing some awful burning at the back of my neck and head. The Headache just continues unabated.

I slept most of Friday away. My mother told me she called into work for me (Yeah Mom!). For me the day is a pain filled sleepy headed blur. In addition to The Headache, The Belly is trying to get riled up probably because I have eaten some real food in the last week. I am broken out in fine hives in various spots from head to toe so I'm itchy and scatchy too!

Not sure what is causing the hives. It could be the trammadol or it could be the clindomycin I am taking/finishing up because of the implant trial. I hive pretty easily and carry an epipen with me because I have anaphylactic reactions at times. Hoping these go away in a few days since I have had some bouts last months and months.

I am going to have to start taking the indomethacin again as the pain just keeps growing and growing. I wish there was some kind of alternative effective medication. I've been taking the megadoses of B12 vitamins again. Those did help just a tad last summer but haven't noticed a difference yet.

We have some new birds coming to our yard birdfeeder. A flock of goldfinches has been stopping by, and a rose breasted grosbeak is snacking on the sunflower seeds. We have some indigo buntings and of course mamma and pappa cardinals. It's a colorful bunch this year!

The squirrels have been sneaking bites at the feeder when the birds let them. I prefer the smaller grey squirrels but the red ones are sassier. My fierce dogs try to chase one up a tree now and then, just for appearences sake, but the squirrels aren't very scared. I also have a flock of cottontail bunnies that are wanting to eat the garden up. My outdoor dog Bingo has been herding them away every morning.

Just a few miles away is Marrionville the town that has a bunch of white squirrels. The white squirrels pretty well just stay in town getting lots of treats from the residences. I have been to Marysville Kansas and they baby their pretty black squirrels just as much as Marrionville does their white squirrels!

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  1. Boo on the hives. I managed to get them the day of my nephew's wedding - mostly on my face. Ya. It was delightful. Cause unknown, but I suspect it was something I ate at the rehearsal party.

    I hope they clear up soon. Hives are totally ick.