Friday, May 29, 2009

Bad Headache Day 28 2009

Another Lost Day

I think I'm going to have to try to start the indomethacin again. The constant pain is getting worse each day I am off the indomethacin, and the pain exacerbations are hitting harder and longer, and the benedryl/phenergan/trammadol combination has quit doing much of anything for the nausea or the pain.

I am sitting here blogging in the middle of the night, with a heating pad across my shoulders and neck, just waiting to see if the pain will let me sleep tonight. I have had only a few hours of sleep each night this week, and its catching up to me.

The Headache vs. The Belly - who is going to win this time? I chose medicating The Headache over The Belly before and ended up with a pretty bad bout of pancreatitis.

I have taken a couple of pills of indomethacin the last couple of weeks, but the stomach pain is so bad I don't think I will be able to tolerate it. Still haven't heard from the Cleveland Clinic as to when I will be scheduled for surgery. They have to get a predetermination from my insurance company before the study sponsor will OK paying for the surgery. *sigh*

I have an appointment next Wednesday with the oncologist to discuss my test results and what I need to do for the ongoing problem I have with pelvic pain. I had to call their office and ask what I needed to do to follow up, as they had told me in March that I would be told either to followup with my gynecologist concerning that or with the oncologist. Instead of getting instructions they just set up another appointment for me.

Whoopdido, yet another hurdle to jump through! I feel like a grand champion race horse at this point - going round and round and round the track on a never ending journey from test to test, doctor appointment to doctor appointment. I hope I am in the home stretch, I plan to win by a nose!


  1. what are you haveing surgery on, if i may ask. sorry to here about your pain, i am one that really unerstands it.

  2. I am participating in a study for occipital stimulators for headache. I have done the "trial" implant, and am now waiting to be scheduled for the "real" implant. Because it is a blind study there is one chance in three I will get a "bogus" implant, but after 3 months I am guaranteed to get a real one if that happens.
    Sorry if you are having problems with pain too chrissygal.

  3. P.S. Chrissygal - found your blog and added it to my blog list - let me know if you don't want it posted. My puppy is a solace to me also!