Monday, May 25, 2009

Passing on the Torch

I have wonderful Nieces and Nephews

This Memorial Day weekend is the third year in a row I have not been able to make the trip north to decorate graves. My mother and I made the trip every year, and go the rounds to clean up around headstones and put out flowers. This year two of my nieces stepped up and did some decoration for us. I ordered flowers for my father's grave and had them delivered to the cemetary, so my Mom felt that we showed that we remembered him.

One niece who lives nearby the cemetary called to say she was going to decorate Grandpa Jay's grave, and another niece and her husband decided to make a side trip on their weekend jaunt and visit and decorate most of the graves my mother and I generally did. I feel very relieved and grateful these kids (they are all around 30 years old so I guess they aren't kids any longer) would do this for their grandmother. Mom just doesn't have the energy she did since she had surgery for colon cancer, and I am just plain down and out this weekend, unable to do much at all.

My mother came from an extremely large family, and there are only three of them left now. This weekend is always a time to relflect on those no longer with us and value those who are still here. The gift of comfort my nieces gave their grandmother this weekend is priceless.

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