Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bad Headache Day 29 2009

I wish I was a Steam Whistle

My blood pressure is through the roof and my head is ready to explode. I'm wish I was a steam whistle, and by pulling a cord all the pressure could just spew out of my head through my mouth as a great big WAHHH WAAAAAH. It works in cartoons!

I was able to work a couple of hours today, and actually got several things accomplished before The Headache interfered and I went home early. I've taken enough medication to normally knock me out for a few hours, but the pain was already high enough they aren't really working. I'm so used to my daily pain levels that sometimes the only way I can tell the pain is getting worse is by taking my blood pressure. It was plenty high, although I know I still have a way to go before I become the total quivering pile of jello that means a trip to the ER again. Hopefully I will get The Headache stopped before it gets to that point tonight.

This has been a bad week. I had forgotten what my life was like last year before I took indomethacin. If The Belly would just get with the program I might try taking daily indomethacin again. That's a pretty big if because The Belly is mad tonight: I ate some real food today and I didn't have my pancreatic enzymes with me. Silly Belly!


  1. Is there anything your doc can prescribe to take with the indomethacin to ease the belly trouble? There's always gravol, but surely there is also something stronger and longer lasting by prescription, right? It's just such a shame to know what might ease the head pain and not be able to take it.

  2. Unfortunately, the pancreatitis (where your pancreas tries to digest itself) I am having is either caused by some medication or aggravated by some medications - for me in particular - prednisone, indomethacin, and now toradol. I have prilosec and ranitadine for stomach acid/ulcers but they don't do anything for the pancreatitis (which can be extremely painful). I fear I may have done some permanent damage to my pancreas this spring - not wanting to make it worse! I was only supposed to stay on the indomethacin until I could get the stimulator installed (I was hospitalized for pancreatitis in December from the indomethacin) but who would have thunk it would be over 6 months to get it done???