Monday, May 18, 2009

Surviving the Flying Petri Dish

I Hate Flying with a Bunch of Coughers

I have been sick all weekend. The Headache has not been cooperative, and I have hives, AND I finally figured out I was sick - as in ill. I feel like I've been beat with a stick, with sore throat, fever, nausea. Just slept and slept and slept!

I flew back from Cleveland last Thursday via Memphis. The plane from Memphis to here was full of coughers. I hate flying with people who cough and don't cover their mouths! You can't tell if they are sick or not, yet you must breath some of the same air in tight quarters. Everytime I fly with a bunch of coughing sneezers I seem to catch something. The airlines tell you they sterilize the recirculated air at high altitudes with cold, but what about the air you are breathing from the sick person sitting right next to you??

The Headache makes me hypersensitive to smell, and I couldn't tell if the gal sitting next to me just smelled like ick because she was coming off a vacation drunk, or because she couldn't keep anything down. She tried to keep turned away from me, but I think I caught it anyway. She was moaning off and on through the flight, and again - coulnn't tell if it was the flight (we had a lot of turbulance) or if she was sick. Based on my experience this last weekend she was sick. I hope I don't pass it on to anyone else!

Since a lot of the people on the flight were returning from a cruise or some such thing, you wonder what communal disease they were sharing from the petri dish they just came from!

Didn't work last Friday, didn't work today, and the weekend was a total bust. My fever seemed to break this morning, so I hope I am not contagious. I definitely don't want to bring this into work. Will go to work tomorrow!

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