Thursday, October 28, 2010

Witch Hair

Just in Time for Halloween

My hair is super fine, super dry, and lately super brittle.  Today I looked in the mirror and I was sporting a full head of grey witch hair.  No need for a fright wig, I had one right there growing naturally on my head.  No amount of conditioner, shampoo, hair products would make it behave today - so I hopped off to work on my broom to scare my coworkers!!! 

Ran across this parody of Christine O'Donnell from Saturday Night Live.  I hope I have enough newts so everyone will forget what my hair looked like today!!

Getting ready for my trip to Michigan.  Woo Hoo!!!


  1. Princess OEATS: As good a time as I can with Witch Hair. :(
    At least I will be working on Halloween so maybe they will think its a costume!!! But I'll be there for two weeks so there goes the hope of being in costume that long.....