Monday, October 25, 2010

Pelvic Pain Blues

Why Did I Leave BLING Behind?

My day of fun yesterday has turned into a day of pain today.  I was stupid and went walking without my cane BLING.  I thought it wouldn't hurt to just amble around without BLING's assistance.  WRONG.

Have been suffering all day and part of last night from pelvic pain.  This is a pain I can't escape and I can't make better by sitting or standing or any position.  Trying very hard not to take any pain medication as I have to work tomorrow.  We are getting way too close to this installation for me to go down now.

Working from home today most of the day.  I had emailed my files to use for some data conversion fixes last Friday and pulled them in this morning.  Takes a bit of massaging of the data for me to "create" the records that need to be there.  Then I have to load the data and verify the data. I also tried to catch  up on documentation of "incidents" that are customer related.  It's been hard to do because sitting is not pleasant at the moment.

I am a bit concerned because when I unloaded the data in the table there were spaces after data in fields that should not have spaces, and my upload definitely did not have spaces.  That means either a user added the spaces which should not have been possible or the program itself is putting in the spaces or we converted spaces.  AUGH!  I see tedium ahead figuring out what happened when.

My funometer must have filled up more than I realized yesterday as I am feeling fairly cheerful today, even with the unbearable pelvic pain issues.  I guess my doctor wasn't kidding when he said I needed to use my cane all the time.  Duh on me.  I was sorta afraid I would be like a bull in a china closet with slinging BLING around bunches of antique dishes.  That sort of accident could be costly!

Going to bed soon.  Hoping my body will behave itself tonight.  Today was not a fun day at all.  Of course, since my pain resevoir for pelvic pain is running over, all other parts of the body have been filling up their pain tanks too. Tommorrow will be much better I am positive! 


  1. I love that you are able to be so positive! I hope the data issue resolves itself; re-doing stuff like that is seriously the seventh level of hell.

    Hope your body feels better this morning!

  2. Heather: I was positive and LOOK today IS better!!! Doesn't always work tho. :( sigh...

    Yes, redoing this kind of stuff is in the same level of Hell with accordian players and polka bands. At least I can always dance while I toil endlessly to fix the revolving error!!! Roooll out the barrel, we'll have a barrel of fun!!!

  3. hey , so sorry to hear of your pain. However, love that your fun-o-meter got topped up in full.
    I dunno if I would refer to a cane as BLING perhaps yours is decked out in glitter or jewels, or a big cut diamond for the handle.

    I got myself a pretty fancy schmansy rollator walker but I do not need to use it at this moment in time.I love that it is there ready for me if I do.

    I think, we need to take advantage of those things that are available to take stresses off our bodies and our minds, ( ie canes, walkers, wheelchairs) our bodies are in constant battle with invisible illnesses and sometimes even we forget and push ourselves more than we should.

    Hope you will embrace your "bling" and become one with it :)

  4. Just Me: I am impressed by your technologically advanced fancy schmansy rollator walker. I am envious because BLING, while beautiful, is no rollator walker!!!

    However, for an eyeful of the beauty of my BLING cane, here's the link with the shiney beauty of it displayed in all its glory!

    I'm dangerous with my cane as I fling it around a bit, but it does keep me from as much pain or falling - so I am going to make a better effort to remember it for short forays in addition to longer jaunts!

  5. I'm so sorry - I hope you feel better when you wake up tomorrow!

  6. Emily: Thanks so much. Better tonight, should be even better tomorrow!!

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  8. removing a blog reply where someone very deftly inserted a hyperlink to a lawyer. Something I think less of than neurologists are lawyers trolling for sick people.