Monday, October 25, 2010

Winny Big Nose

My Giant Hive Revives

I have a giant hive on the end of my nose..or a giant something.  The plaquenil I took for chronic hives actually made is get smaller and even fade a bit so all that was left seemed to be a crop circle of freckles.  I could handle that.

Since going off the plaquenil and starting cyclosporine The Nose has started to puff up and get ouchy.  Not sure if this is due to going off the plaquenil or just because the cyclosporine doesn't have The Hives under control yet.  There is an animal disease called swine erysipelas that makes the pig's nose sore and turn up.  Maybe if the crop circle keeps growing I will end up with a cute upturned nose instead of the droopy schnozzle I have now.

I feel like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, but I am sure my nose is not as bright and puffy and shiney as I feel it is.  I am just self conscious about it because #1) it ITCHES #2) it's PUFFY and #3) my nose is big enough already without any help from the crop circle.

I increased the cyclosporine dramatically today per Dr. Calm.  Thursday morning I go get a cyclosporine "trough" blood test done.  First a pig nose, now I'm going in for a trough.  Doesn't bode well does it??  I guess it is just a spot check to see if my kidneys and internal organs are behaving themselves.  If the cankles get worse then I'll know the cyclosporine makes your nose glow and your ankles grow!!!

My leg and pelvic pain is with me this evening, but doing better.  The Belly is not happy but The Headache is just cruisin' along.  I'm debating not feeding The Belly to make it calm down, but I get pretty shakey anymore if I skip too many meals. 

Trying to get everything in gear so I can go and do my magic at the clients.  If my nose keeps up I'll be able to my magic in the dark by the light of my nose!!!  This may start to make sleep even more difficult than it is already - but maybe it can serve as one of those itty bitty book lites and I can read in bed easily.

I guess I'm like Rudolph, and belong on the island of misfits with my bulbous red nose.  But I have to say, with my dental phobia, I'm not sure if I would team up with a [gulp] dentist!!!


  1. Oh honey that is awful. I hope you get better soon.

  2. Princess OEATS: At a certain point, my tragedy becomes a circus of absurdity. I'm thinking I'm waaaaaay past that point!!! :)

    PS I'm certain God has a sense of humor because my life is evidence!!!

  3. Winny I hope your hives are better. Thank you so much for your support and prayers dear one.

  4. JBR: The Hives are better with the increased meds. Hoping your migraine has decided to go to sleep for a while!!!