Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Hives Return

Itchy Itchy Itchy

The hives returned yesterday. Actually they never really leave, but they become less bothersome. Yesterday they decided to hop into high gear. Bumps everwhere my clothing touched, bumps all over my back, bumps on my face, bumps on my arms, bumps on my chest. Bumpity bump bump they were popping out everywhere. Very uncomfortable. My eyes are very scratchy too.

Taking a large assortment of antihistimines hoping to make this better, but they aren't working. The itchiness is a little less, but truthfully just thinking about the hives writing this is creating itchy spots everywhere. It feels like they are in my ears, in my nose, and my throat.

Guess I will have to call the immunologist Dr. Calm Monday. I have waited more than a week to see if the higher dose of thyroid medication would help. They were better for a few days, probably some carry over from the prednison, but have been getting worse each day. The more I itch the worse they get....

Having a hard time sitting still this evening. Antihistimines (especially the older ones like vistaril and benedryl) can cause you to move erratically. They certainly do that to me - its an uncontrollable urge to move.

Hoping everyone had a great weekend. Adios Amigos as the Cisco Kid would say! The Cisco Kid and Pancho were my favorite TV vaqueros growing up. I'll bet they never got hives even in the strong desert sun.


  1. Aw rats. I hope this gets cleared up soon. With everything else going on, you sure didn't need this too!

  2. Aw well, this outbreak of hives STARTED in 2007, have lost hope of totally losing them for more than a few days. They are mighty pesky critters.